Advancement of Media & Technology in Organizations

Advancement of Media & Technology in Organizations

Advancement of Media & Technology in Organizations Mini-Paper: Many different mediums and technologies are used in organizations today to communicate. In the first half of the semester you are to research a new (within the ten years) medium or technology used in organizations today. You will need to identify this new medium/technology, how it facilitates communication, and in what types of organizations this medium/technology is used. A minimum of one credible source is required for this mini-paper. Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source. One electronic copy of your mini-paper must be uploaded to Blackboard by or before 11:59 p.m. (CST) the date it is due. These mini-papers will be run through SafeAssignment (or SafeAssign) via Blackboard which verifies students are doing and submitting their own original work.



  • v Research technology mediums (channels) used in organizations

– Be able to identify the following:

1) What the technology is?

2) What the technology does?

3) At least one company/organization that uses the technology?

4) How does the company/organization use the technology to                                             communicate within and/or outside the company/organization?

5) What are the advantages/disadvantages of this technology (as cited                              and/or from your perspective)?

  • v Follow the “Written Assignments” Guidelines outlined in the course syllabus.
  • v A minimum of one credible source is required.  However, you may use more sources.
  • v The mini-paper should be at least one page in length, no more than three pages.
  • v A Reference(s) page should be attached at the end of the mini-paper with the sources you cite within your mini-paper.