An experience

An experience

informative essay and it is supposed to be based on an experience and you can write about memory.


Write a 2-3 pageletter to a fictional high school senior who is considering taking a course in psychology.

• Choose a specific topic we have covered in class (or from the text)

• Clearly define and describe the concept
o Explain what you have learned about this topic
o Demonstrate that you understand the topic

• Discuss how the concept has given you a new perspective on some event or behavior in your own life.
o How is this topic relevant to you?
o How has the topic helped you to understand something about yourself or your life?

Since you are not acquainted with the fictional high school senior, the letter should not reveal extremely personal details, but should explain the relevance of the concept to your life.

• Memory:
o Define memory
o Summarize what you learned about memory
o Explain how you have applied this knowledge to studying

The final product for this assignment should be written in essay format, using a professional tone, and correct grammar and spelling. Assignments in another format will not be graded.