Analysis of Strategic Aspects of Operations

Analysis of Strategic Aspects of Operations


This assignment requires you to demonstrate skills you have learned throughout the course

of this module. You are required to produce a fully-referenced academic report, intended for

an intelligent person, to explain how an organisation uses operations strategy and hence

operations to implement its business strategy.

Compulsory Contents

The 3000-word academic report.


You are required to prepare a 3000-word academic report based on the following


?  Jaguar Land Rover:

Please note: the homepage and associated links for the above organisation have valuable

information. However, you may still need to make assumptions where you cannot find

specific information about the company that you need for your report. Please ensure you

make clear in your assignment where you are making an assumption and give a rationale

and justification for any assumption made.

In addition, you must look beyond the company website when researching the organisation

and seek to use a range of relevant academic articles, books, websites, etc.

Task – 100 Marks

You are to produce an academic report that covers the following.

a.  i) Define the terms Corporate Strategy and Strategic Operations Management and

discuss the links between them. (6 marks)

ii) Identify and discuss different perspectives on the concept of Strategic Operations

Management. (8 marks)

iii) Using appropriate examples, discuss how Jaguar Land Rover’s operations strategy

might help achieve the organisation’s business objectives (derived from its corporate

strategy or its sustainable development policy). (16 marks)

30 marks (30%)

b.  i) Identify and define different elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and

discuss how each element might lead to a particular activity by Jaguar Land Rover. (15


ii) Identify FIVE (5) stakeholder groups of Jaguar Land Rover and, for each group,

identify ONE (1) CSR-related interest they have in the activities of Jaguar Land Rover

and briefly justify your choice of interest. (15 marks)

iii) Give ONE (1) example of a conflict between the interests of two stakeholder groups

and discuss how Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to address and resolve it. (5 Marks)

35 marks (35%)

c.  Identify and discuss a model of new product design. Discuss how the model might

inform Jaguar Land Rover’s approach to the design and development of new vehicles.

25 marks (25%)

d.  Conclusions. Summarise the main points from your report and discuss the implications

for the future of the company.

10 marks (10%)