Attitude of Entitlement in American Society

Attitude of Entitlement in American Society

The “entitlement” list by Americas is growing each day and people are expecting handouts in every aspect of life without ever working for it. This is proving to be a calamity waiting to happen as people continually use assertiveness in the wrong contexts and expect preferential treatment and benefits without putting much effort into it (Bradley, 2008). Russell (2009) argues that it’s through these entitlement attitudes that lead people to overestimate the strengths they have, to underestimate the weaknesses they possess, and leads them to be arrogantly assertive in the schools and workplace.

Russell (2009) says if someone was to ask 50 Americans what they are “entitled” to; it would probably elicit 50 different responses. The answers would range from food, shelter and clothing, to education, a better job, minimum wage payments, off-time during work, and job security among many others. So, what are the sources of these “entitlements” as in some people have no limits to what they are entitled to? As people are not born with the entitlement attitudes, these attitudes are slowly natured by their parents, teachers and the popular cultures help, that aid in blossoming of the attitudes to full blown economic, societal, individual and interpersonal disasters. The attitudes get nurtured when parents go ahead and satisfy the needs and wants of their kids “spoiling them” in the process, therefore any gifts of good will by anyone are seen as an entitlement rather than acts of generosity (Bradley, 2008).

To curb this destructive attitude, people need to realize that they are not entitled to anything except the non-essential things. Every gift everybody has is a blessing not an entitlement and gifts are acts of generosity and kindness and should be appreciated. Therefore, parents and the community should aim to foster attitudes of gratitude on their kids as this can lead to change from the “entitlement attitudes”.


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