Bringing UBER to UAE

Paper instructions:
The objective of this project is to come up with a creative e-commerce idea by utilizing the
concepts & examples that we have covered during the semester. Especially, you may think
about an idea of using mobile and social technologies in new and unexpected ways.

You are expected to do two things: come up with an idea for a new e-commerce business and
develop a business plan for this business. The business could be any type of business like B2C,
B2B, mobile, social, etc. In order to sell your idea, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation
and present your idea to the class in a persuasive manner. You are required to submit a
proposal about your project idea.

Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes for this project include the following.
1. I expect you to be able to apply the concepts from the class to a new setting so that you
illustrate your learning of e-commerce concepts. (40%)
2. I expect you to identify a problem context where e-commerce technologies will provide
a good solution or improvement over the existing situation. I need you to be able to
brainstorm interesting ideas in a team setting. (20%)
3. I expect you to develop a good (detailed and comprehensive) e-commerce business
plan. (20%)
4. I expect you design professional-looking, well-organized PowerPoint slides. I want you to
deliver a professional business presentation that will convince the audience about the
sustainability of your business model. (20%)
5. I want you to work in teams, divide the tasks into subtasks, and delegate it to team
members, follow up on the work done, and keep your team members accountable.
1. Business Overview:
Describe the nature and purpose of the business.
a. Mission and strategic goals
b. Business Model Overview
a. Type of business model
b. Short description of products or services; revenue model
c. Short description of value proposition MIST 280 Project (same team members as before) – 15%
Due: Sunday, January 19th


2. The Idea
a. Describe your idea, the problem you intend to solve for customers or trading
a. Include at least two use cases to describe how your solution works from the
customer perspective
b. Describe the technological solution. If a web site, a mock-up of the site would be
helpful. Just draw it and insert text boxes with links, buttons, titles, etc. Insert
photos where desired. Just let us know what you’re thinking about as vividly and
quickly as possible.
3. Marketing plan
a. Describe the customer base: How large is the market space? Describe the market
space (i.e., what are the customers like?): Demographic, Geographic,
Psychographic, Consumer characteristics.
b. What is your strategy to make consumers adopt your product/service? Where will
you advertise? How much will it cost?
c. How will you monetize your efforts? What is your pricing? Describe your revenue
model in detail.
4. Operational plan
a. Describe the inputs, processes, procedures, and activities required to create the
products the business will sell or services the business will deliver (e.g. business
location, facilities, departments, number of employees).
5. Financial plan
a. Provide reasonable estimates for projecting the potential revenues and/or costs for
5 years. Include a table or chart with the following values:
i. Include fixed costs, variable costs, and advertising costs
ii. Include amount of sales and revenue from sales
iii. Identify when the business will become profitable
6. The Competitive Environment
a. Provide an overview of the industry that is represented most closely or related
most strongly to your innovation
b. Describe the most important industry forces (with respect to Porter’s five
competitive forces) MIST 280 Project (same team members as before) – 15%
Due: Sunday, January 19th


7. Conclusion
a. Conclude with a good argument of why you believe that you have a good idea
Deliverables & Submission Instructions
Due date & time: 01(boys): January 5
th, class time; 51(girls) January 6th, class time
You are required to submit a half-a-page to one-page proposal about your project idea.
The proposal will be hard-copy and handed in before or after class.

PowerPoint Presentation
Due date & time: Sunday, June 19th
2014 at 11:55 pm
You are required to submit your report as an PowerPoint ppt(x) file. You need to name
the file in the following way: Section-GroupName.pptx. You must replace Section with
your actual section, GroupName with your group’s name. For example, 01-
Awesome.pptx for section 01, group name Awesome. You must submit via BlackBoard
using the submission tool (not DropBox); otherwise, there may be mark deductions.
Only one team member will submit the PowerPoint file. All teams will submit their files
at the same time.
* Students should anticipate technology problems and submit their files
on time.
The presentations will be scheduled during the last two weeks. MIST 280 Project (same team members as before) – 15%
Due: Sunday, January 19th


? There is 5% (out of the full mark) per day late submission penalty for each day after the
submission deadline.
? If there is suspicion that the report is not prepared by the team, there will be severe
penalties, which may include a zero mark for the assignment.