British diversit

Assignment Brief:
For the final assessment of the course you are required to write an essay based on a topic related to diversity studies. This may be based on your presentation, the presentation of another student, or be an entirely new topic.
1. You are encouraged to ensure that your essay contains a clear argument.
2. The essay can focus on historical, contemporary, or futuristic aspects of diversity.
NB) The research questions: Are there any aspects related to ‘diversity’ in your topic? How did they develop? Can you find any problems now? What do you think the future situation will be like?

It is about British diversity.

It needs to read the lecture (client’s own presentation), and the writer need to design the topic and find a point to write an essay. Be beware of that it is not book review, the presentation just for reference.
Structure only introduction, main body, conclusion and reference. Use APA reference.
At least 10 references.