Business Law (TV series shark tank) Custom Essay

Business Law The TV series shark tank is one of the best performing reality programs today, with insightful business ideas that go through the roof. The expertise on the show is cutting edge, making the show one of the most followed. At first, the show may not have such an allure, but a few minutes in, and the show sticks up on the sofa. The main idea of the show is that, entrepreneur’s line up with their business ideas pitching them to a panel. Shark tank competition comes in three tiers, where the first stage is the determination of the eligibility of the product. In the second tier after the panel listens to the presentation the entrepreneur is presented with an offer from the panel. The third tier is all about showing how competitive the positions are, as they try to strike a deal with the entrepreneurs. In this case the entrepreneur may be offered to surrender part of his business to the investors, for them to agree to fund the business idea.