Capturing memorable moments

Capturing memorable moments
Project description
Write an essay in which you examine the relationship between content and form in any of the texts, photographs, or portfolios in the section, “Capturing Memorable Moments.” The goal of your thesis-driven essay is to answer the two following questions using one text, photograph or portfolio from the section as your representative example:

“How does the process of transcribing (writing, photographing, painting, videotaping, etc.) shape or change your understanding of those [memorable] moments?”

“How can you as a writer enable readers to ‘get inside’ your own experience, to understand the details and nuances that make each particular experience memorable?” SW(235)

Develop your idea/thesis with evidence from the text(s). You can supplement with outside evidence and from your own experience.

Be sure to establish your analysis with a representative example from the text and/or image that you are analyzing. Note that the audience for your essay is someone who has not read the text that you are analyzing; therefore you should include enough background, description and summary of the text that you are analyzing so that one can understand what you are trying to analyze.

At the end of your essay write at least one healthy paragraph explaining what you attempted to do in your essay and reflecting on your process of writing it, from the point of coming up with a topic and idea to composing and revising and completing the essay.