The Existence of a Multiverse: Exploring Different Perspectives

There are several rules you have to follow for submission:

1-    Your essay should be original.

2-    Total essay should not exceed 2.5 pages of Duble-spaced, font size 12, no cover page with name or ID should be included.

3-    The citation should not exceed 1 page (thus 1.5 page essay [ 400+/- 50 words]. and 1-page citation)

4-    Everything you quote or borrow must be cited accurately and properly using AIP (American Institute of Physics) citation style[1] . You must use AIP style for citation method (see the link in a footnote).

5-    Acceptable citations include: books, published peer-reviewed articles, movies from official links

6-    Links to Wikipedia and blogs are not acceptable for citation but you can use Wikipedia to find good resources.

7-    You must submit your essay only and only in pdf format (convert Microsoft Word format to pdf) into Turnitin course Moodle. You can get a free word 360 from the York University website.  (Other formats cannot be read by Moodle)

8-  If using software like; Pages in Mac OS, convert your essay to pdf then submit the pdf to the Moodle.

9-  You will get zero on the essay part if you submit your essay in any format except for pdf or Microsoft word.