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Short Essay on Case Study: Carolina’s HealthCare System

1. Read the HBSP case study on Carolinas Healthcare

2. Write a short essay (use your best judgement on length; 300 words which is about half a page is only a guideline) for each question:
Describe the competitive landscape and players who have a vested interested in integrated medical data? What advantages and disadvantages does each participant have to creating an integrated data warehouse? (10 points)
What led CHS to prioritize analytics and invest in DA2? (10 points)
What factors did CHS need to consider in establishing an analytics group? (10 points)
What was the vision of CHS, and how did the strategic priorities of DA2 align with it? (10 points)
What were the proof points that DA2 used to demonstrate their value? How did DA2 scale after demonstrating success? (10 points)
How did CHS measure the success of DA2? (10 points)
What were the key factors contributing to the success of DA2? (10 points)
What are some unforeseen or unexpected factors that arose when establishing CHS/DA2? (10 points)
If you were Dulin, which pilot(s) would you scale next? Provide the rationale for your recommendation, including both operational and strategic considerations. (20 points)