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Application Of Design Thinking


You will choose a product/a problem/ a brand,… that you think you could make a recommendation or could be changed for the better and apply Design Thinking (7 steps below) to solve it. Conduct the necessary research, analyze your data and generate insights, brainstorm new ideas, select one to develop further and then finalize that idea. As you go through these steps, document everything so that you can create a final report that explains your process as well as the final product. Following the process and documenting that you have done so is the only way to do well on this assignment. 

Your final product should include content for each of the following elements:

  1. Identifying the ProblemExplain the problem that you would like to solve, mentioning why it is an important one to tackle. Identify your user, the core person you are designing for.
  2. Gather InformationConduct the necessary research that you need in order to collect all the information relevant to the project. Include interview questions, articles, and other methods you plan to use to gather information. Identify at least 3 research articles.
  3. Capturing InsightsOnce you have collected the information you need, identify the methods you will use to generate insights that will help you distill the information. Conduct a process of synthesis that leads to a list of needs that you will then address through the next step of coming up with ideas.
  4. Generating IdeasStart coming up with ideas to tackle the problem. You are to help you generate a large number of ideas. Cluster the large number of ideas in similar groupings to develop more fleshed-out concepts. 
  5. Selecting ConceptsOnce you have a large number of ideas, evaluate them on a matrix, and see which 2-3 ideas seem the most promising for meeting the needs of your user. You might make a matrix based on the three core values or attributes that you think a user values in a solution, for example. Or you might want to select a diverse set of concepts for testing so you evaluate them on how alike/different they are from one another. 
  6. PrototypesIdentify the assumptions underlying your concepts. Ask: What needs to be true for these to be successful? How might you gather feedback on the assumptions underlying the desirability of these 2-3 ideas? What could you design and how would you put it in front of the right people? NOTE: you do not need to carry out prototyping (that is extra credit). You need to describe what you would do. 
  7. Finalizing the SolutionFor this selected idea, think of the comprehensive innovation framework and make recommendations on the product, service, brand, and experience. 

While there is no length requirement for the deliverable, it should be rich with both process and solution detail, including written and visual content. The project will be due 2/29/2020

Linking Web Pages


Link and combine all the different pages created in this course into one complete website with database connection. The first page a user should see when they get to your club site is the login page where they will be asks to login or register. If the user does not have a login they should be able to click on the registration link and be taken to the registration form where they are able to register. After registering, the user should be directed back to the login page where they can log into the main club site. On the main club site they should be given information about the site and the option to get members information from the database.

Export your database using the export your database tutorial and zip it along with all parts of your club website to upload for grading.

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Today in class, we reviewed the contents to be discussed within your “Methodology, Results & Analysis” document which should be emailed to me before class begins. You have several documents posted to Blackboard, which will help you achieve and high grade in the upcoming assignment: 

1. Detailed Description of Assignments and Projects- provided a full description of the assignment and what the grading will be based on. 

2. The Path to Writing a Professional Document- The table of contents maybe used as a checklist that you included all necessary professional writing elements. 

3. Instructor’s Thesis- Refer to the Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, Methodology, Results & Analysis and Conclusion/Discussion along with the appendix. 

4. Student Example- This is a very good sample of a document I received in the past which earned a high grade. 

In order to demonstrate critical thought, please keep referring back to how each of the results of the survey will affect the further development of the proposed invention.


Attached file has all the information for the assisgnment. 

Please reply to these students below:

#1. Student  Yolande Njomjeu 

Jan Steen, 1660 (est)

The card players in an interior

Media: Oil on panel

2- Please list all subjects/objects within the painting in list form

  • 8 persons 
  • a dog
  • table
  • chairs
  • a painting
  • vase
  • cards
  • sword
  • a detailed table cloth
  • an open window
  • kitchen drawers
  • jar/ guilt
  • basket
  • a hat
  • a music instrument

3- What are we being shown? What stands out the most? (to you) 

These people gather together in what seems to be a decent house. some of them are having a discussion meanwhile others are playing cards. One of the ladies playing seems to be playing unfairly. There is actually a card on the floor. We are able to see the back of the house where two other persons are conversing.There is a dog relaxing on the floor. Dogs have always been our companion. What stand out to me is the facial expression of the lady holding a card. We can tell that she is winning the game.

4-How does the artist use space? Which perspective? How does he employ color and light?

Jan Steen uses space in a very fine way. The painting is well defined without being crowded. From the ace card to the detailed table cloth,and the woman dress’ material,  Jan Steen seems to be good in organizing his space.. He used a two-point perspective, with the main room in front and access to the back room trough the corridor. the artist uses the light and color to focus the viewer attention on some main actions. The lady holding the card is paint with bright colors and her face is well highlight. The two persons in the back of the painting are also highlight. The other persons on the left conner are paint in darker colors, as if they were missing out on main actions.

#2. Student Brandon Thomas 

The Card Player in an Interior by Jan Steen

Oil Painting on an oak panel

1. Style is Repreentational

woman playing cards

gentlemen playing cards

people visiting in the back and front room





playing cards

3. A social gathering with a game of cards, being played. The woman playing cards feel as she is the main focus of the painting.

4. Linear perspective is being used to draw us to the woman playing cards. Steen uses darker colors  to paint the other people and objects creating a back drop for the woman playing cards. Painting her lighter colors, and having the light directly on her.

Figures in a Dutch Town by a Frozen Canal by Charles Henri Joseph Leickert

Oil painting on canvas

1. Style Representational

2. buildings







3. The daily life of these people  who live around the canal. The road and the canal is what grabs my attention. The buildings and people feel like a supporting elements to the canal itself.

4. Linear perspective draws our attention along the canal. Leickert uses pale blues especially with the clouds and canal. The people are painted darker colors with no definition as if they are painted  to show life at the canal, the light of the painting is a around the building to add contrast to the canal and clouds.

How Can You Differentiate Between Ancient Chinese And Japanese Architecture?


Please name and briefly explain at least three (3) differences.

  1. Please be specific and make a clear case to justify your answers.
  2. If  you research and quote sources besides the course textbook, you need to  credit them using an acceptable  citation format ( APA  or MLA).

Post Requirements:

  • Write an original short essay based on your readings. 
    • Writing should be a short essay of at least 350 words.
    • Make sure to pay attention to spelling and grammar.
    • Use proper citation if you use any other sources in addition to the textbook. 
      • Ignoring this  rule constitutes plagiarism, and your assignment will be graded as a  zero and you are at risk of earning an “F” as the final course grade. 
    • Type into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.


Read the following two excerpts from Do More Faster ( and answer the following questions. 

Get Feedback Early (Chapter 6, pg. 15)

  1. Why is it important to get feedback early?
  2. Why do think more people don’t do this?

Forget the Kitchen Sink (Chapter 8, pg. 23)

  1. What is wrong with the Kitchen Sink approach?
  2. Do you think that you’ve identified a small enough problem to focus on for this semester?  If not, what can you do to try to narrow your focus?

Due Feb 18th


After reading

(attached file) by Lucy Kimbell and “” by George Aye respond to the following prompts. 

1. Pick three ideas from the reading that you caught your attention. For each one:

  • What was the idea in your own words? (Please also provide a short quote and/or page reference)
  • What did you like about the idea? Why did it seem meaningful? or What did you find challenging about it? 

2. What is one thing in the article that you found intriguing and that you’d like to know more about? Why did you find it intriguing? What specifically do you want to know more about it?