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Knowing your community

Working as a community change agent, it is imperative that you understand and know the best approaches when conducting community-engaged research and practice. For this assignment, you will refer to the article by Pinto, McKay, and Escobar, You Gotta Know the Community: Minority Women Make Recommendations About Community-Focused Health Research. The purpose of this assignment is for you to provide insight into the articles content by answering related questions. Your expected length is 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

Read and re-read the article! As you pay closer attention to the article, note the authors proposition and supporting ideas. Look at the abstract, introduction, and headers of each section for guiding points. Begin to note your responses to the following questions:

What was the overall purpose of the article? (5 points)
What were the authors trying to accomplish and why? (5 points)
Describe the study design. (5 points)
What were the questions the authors asked participants? (5 points)
What were the major themes of the authors qualitative analysis? (5 points)