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Hurricane Sandy Power Point Overview

Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 12 slides that includes the following:
Title slide
Introduction slide
Body (8 slides)
Conclusion slide
Reference slide
The presentation is an overview of your final paper. Be sure to include footnotes to supplement the presentation
Use the body of the PowerPoint presentation to celebrate what you have learned in your Unit VII Research Paper. You
must provide a detailed script in the Notes section for each slide to explain your thoughts and ideas. Use APA format to
identify all your sources.

4.Marketing Communicatios, Marketig Planning and Cosumer Behavior

I will need one page of references for all these assignments. These are the Harvard references needed to be applied :

Structure and Format
Relevance to the tasks, professional tone and format of response (2 marks).
Harvard Referencing (8 marks)
In-text citation
Bibliography, listed correctly and correlates to references made
Accurate, correctly-formatted footnotes
Integration of: supporting concepts, frameworks, critical thinking.

Please see below

Every program has risks associated with it.  This week, I want you to review your idea and provide a risk analysis.  What are the potential risks involved with this program, and what processes can be put in place to manage these risks?  One specific risk that I want you to discuss is related to cultural differences.  Please assume that your company is a multinational corporationwill this program work in all areas of the business?  If not, how can it be adapted for the other country/countries involved?

This does not need to be written as a formal research paper, but all research provided does need to be cited in APA format.  You may write in the first person because you are presenting your own ideas.  You do not need to provide an abstract, but you do need an APA formatted title page and reference page.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Dear writer i will attach for you :
1- comment from my supervisor and you need to edit the survey question ( Questionnaire )
2- i will attach the draft for the question before and i will attach the interview question so you can see them,
3- i will attach chapter 1 and 2 so you can understand the the topic while you are doing the questionnaire


Click the links below and watch the 2 short videos on customer success stories to learn/understand how 2 companies successfully implemented/leveraged business analytics to improve their firm performance. Write a 1 2-page report by answering the following questions:

Company A
What is the name of the company and which industry?
What are the business challenges faced/discussed in the video?
What approach did the company use to resolve the challenges?
What are the results/benefits achieved by using business analytics or big data technologies?
What is the business or big data analytics used to achieve the results (e.g. Tibco)?
Company B answer same (5) questions described above.
Compare and contrast company A to company B based on:
Challenges encountered
The results (Links to an external site.)

Ethical crisis

Write press release or news story  on the client’s behalf announcing the client’s position on In addition to the press release, write a paragraph to answer the following questions:
What media would you approach to communicate the message?
What conflicting loyalties may exist in handling this crisis?
What is the effect of ethics and social responsibility on public relations in this particular situation?
Cite at least two references.

Time Value of Money


Objective: Describe the sources of capital available to firms and estimate the cost for various sources.

Introduction: Capital Budgeting is a process where business will identify and make long term investment decisions. Capital budgeting can transition across projects that include long term investments that are expected to generate cash flows over several years.

Deliverables: Written Assignment 3 full pages (exclusive of title and reference pages), applying APA formatting

Activity Details:

Step 1: Watch the Film

Watch the film and note how Boeing decides whether to invest in a new project. How do they use capital budgeting and NPV? Are there rules specific to that industry? What considerations do they have to discuss?

View this link: Capital Budgeting and the Boeing Dreamerliner. 

Step 2: Introduction
Begin with an introductory paragraph that describes what capital budgeting is and why it is important for leadership to understand with respect to long term investments and future business growth.

Step 3: Write a 3-page essay. 3 full pages (exclusive of title and reference pages).
From the film and your research:

Explain and describe how companies use capital budgeting to their advantage                     
Describes how Boeing used capital budgeting within its industry to advance business
Research (internal readings and external sources) and describe how another company used capital budgeting to advance business opportunity
For the conclusion paragraph summarize what you have learned about the capital budgeting process.

Please review the link provided below, containing the essay rubric, prior to proceeding:

Social Contract Theory

After reviewing the background section, discuss social contract theory and apply social contract theory to a business situation you are familiar with. To what extent does SCT help to explain differences in ethics and ethical perspectives in a culturally diverse setting? 

What is the efficacy of SCT in describing issues related to business ethics?

ONly need 150 words!!

Time Value of Money

Many business decisions take into consideration opportunity costs. Opportunity costs are the value forgone by choosing one strategy over another, and need to be carefully evaluated to ensure that the benefit surpasses the sacrifice. For example, review The Time Value of Money Data Case. In debating whether to use her inheritance to pay for obtaining certification in network design versus pursuing an MBA, Natasha had several things to consider.

Write a 300-word response to the following question(s)/prompt(s), include at least one APA-formatted citation/reference to a source from this lesson.

Respond to the questions: 

If you think about the opportunity cost of going to college, i.e., considering the money you would have earned by continuing to work instead of going to college, how do you think your time would be most profitably spent? In simple terms, calculate the time value of money in this real-life situation.

What intrinsic values are worth considering when evaluating opportunity cost?


The Time Value of Money Data Case

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Your discussion questions are on current topics in Strategic Management. Analytical and critical postings are expected from you as graduate students. Focus on the present state of strategic management in your responses.
This week, respond to the mini case from textbook (p. 29)
    Mini-Case: Competition in Airline Industry
Your Task: Post your response using the  RLBRSQA format

book is provided