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BSG Experiential Paper

****If you have never taken the Business Strategy course and have never participated in the BSG please do NOT place a bid!!!*******

This paper is a minimum of two (2) pages double-spaced in APA format, summarizing your experience with the BSG simulation. A cover page and abstract are not necessary.

While the list below is not comprehensive, you are expected to address these and similar characteristics:

What were your key learnings during the BSG Simulation?
What strategies were successful and why?  Which were not and why not?
What did you discover about working as a member of a management team?
How did your team decide to organize its activities, meetings, and work?
Did members of your team agree on your firms strategies?  How did you handle disagreements?
What lessons can you take from this simulation and apply to your current professional role?

I need to give some background on my and my teams background with the game. The game was challenging the whole way through. We struggled every week to get a consistent good grade (we were the lowest team each week). While trying to alter the prices weekly, keep good credit ratings, maintain debt, and purchase stock, I’m not sure no matter what move we made we came out on top. We underestimated the impact a small move would make on us as a company. Focusing on corporate citizenship/production/& ratio seemed like good ideas but still we could never make a good imprint in the game. Our company (which we name Swift Sneakers could not reach our fullest potential even with attempting different strategy’s. If you can summarize the following into a 2 page paper while adding details about BSG that would be great!