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Grade Evaluator Program

Develop a c++ program with a Student class. A Student class contains private attributes of firstname, lastname, and scores. Student also has private method calculateGrade which calculates grade for a given score; public methods printInfo() which prints information about the Student, and getAverageGrade() which returns the grade for the average score of the student.
The grade of a score is calculated based on the grading scheme shown below:
(attached image)

(1) Create a students.csv file containing at least 10 student’s information of the form

firstname,lastname,score1 ,score2 ,score3

– score1 is the score the student had in a course, etc

(2) Your program should read students.csv using CSVReader and then store the information read into a vector of Student

(3) Your program should print the information for each student as displayed in the enclosed program. Other than the first line of the output, your program should produce exactly the same output WORD-FOR-WORD, CHARACTER FOR CHARACTER

(4) Your program must include project identification tag as described in class and a UML describing the Student class.