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Intimate Link of Domestic and Foreign Policies

Domestic and foreign policy are intimately intertwined. At no time is this more clear than in periods of prolonged war. Prominent individuals from the authors of the Anti-Federalist and Federalist Papers to Benjamin Franklin and George Washington on up to Randolph Bourne early in the last century to contemporaries like Robert Higgs and Ron Paul have understood this well, warning against the dangers particularly to a republic of standing armies, entangling alliances, and imperial adventurism abroad. Draw upon your required reading and viewing material to explain the nature of such dangers (i.e., their consequences). Where does the United States stand with regard to such dangers today? Do you think the fears of these men are legitimate, even timeless? Or do they stem from quaint, outmoded notions that have no place in this day and age?

Feminism in Islam

PLEASE CHECK ALL FILES. INSTRUCTIONS ARE ON TERM PAPER ASSIGNMENT PDF. CHECK SUGGESTIONS FOR WRITERS ON HOW TO DO THE CITATIONS. PLEASE USE ACADEMIC SOURCES !!. KEEP IN MIND ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. Please cite every information and use academic resources. Focus on what Muslim modernists say about the topic and intellectually engage in the material. Compare what a couple of Muslim modernists say about it and talk about which modernist is more convincing and why.Mention at least 5 Muslim modernists. Use Chicago manual of style 17 edition (author – date) citation style. Please use academic sources only !! I don’t want information sourced from online website only from academic journals.
Please remove the part about western feminism, I want it to be only about feminism in islam. I only want muslim modernists to be mentioned !

Any topic (writer’s choice)


Describe your background of apologetics as you begin this course. What have been your conceptions of apologetics (both positive and/or negative)? Have you previously studied apologetics? If so, explain the chief motivators for and the benefits of your study. If you have not studied apologetics in the past, how do you think studying it could prove helpful?
Your paper must be 400500 words and include at least 3 scholarly/academic references in addition to Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible. Try to find material that supports what you are saying and/or material that has helped improve (or not improve) your views on apologetics. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document. Essay 1 must use Times New Roman, 12-point font, follow current Turabian format, and be uploaded to Blackboard.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1.


I need a situational analysis in relation to company business ethics. I was thinking about the recruitment of staff linked to youth unemployment. Here in Ticino (Switzerland) an example could be Swisscom who reserve every year places for apprentices.

How can it be considered a Ticino company that has no young employees ?

If I had a company and i want to hire workers? are better young people or people with work experience?

What are the main difference between a young employee and one with much more experience ?

1. Find information on Swisscom’s apprentice program (including how they do it and their justifications for it) – first stop, their website… or phone them and ask them to email you information about the program
2. Find information on youth unemployment in Ticino (Cantonal website)
3. Background information about apprentice programs (apprentice program*) and youth unemployment (GOOGLE SCHOOLAR)
4. Begin a step-by-step analysis (hypothetically – for apprentice programs and youth unemployment)

If you do not find enough Swisscom information do the main topic on Companies creating apprenticeship programs to tackle youth unemployment (is your general ethical situation)

please use a simple English. (not mother language)

Companies creating apprenticeship programs to tackle youth unemployment (is my general ethical situation)


1) Upgrading Skills of Young Workers in Switzerland: Local Skill Strategies in the City of Lugano. Moreno Baruffini / Valentina Mini
This article gives you a nice perspective on the strategies for young workers, from a low-skilled worker to increase, and changing the market for improve their skills.

2) Social Business Earth. A Social Business to Foster Youth Employment in Canton Ticino, Switzerland.”,from%202.5%25%20to%209%25
This article concentrates more on giving datas to provide a training programs for unemployments youth. It also confirms that from 2008 unemployment people under 25 years are increased by 60%.

3) Carenza di Lavoro tra I giovani Ticinesi. Moreno Brughelli e Oscar Gonzalez. Ufficio di statistica (Ustat)
This article gives a more background idea responding to different question and giving some statistics. An example could be how unemployment evolved or if do unemployed young people have specific characteristics compared to their adult counterparts?

4) Luigi Bernasconi e Filippo Bignami. APPRENDISTI RICERCA IMPIEGO ARI 2015 Rapporto IUFFP-Dipartimento ricerca e sviluppo. Area: sistemi della formazione professionale
This article concentrates more on an effective solution that started in 2010 called ARI for canton Ticino , which are a series of interventions among young people who, at the end of their vocational training, report difficulties in finding a professional position.

data uploaded:
. Instruction for the content, references
. OUTLINE of a Ticinese Business situation analysis.
. article 1,3,4 for the references. article 2 (,from%202.5%25%20to%209%25)
. instruction on how to make a situational analysis.
. An example of an situational analysis paper (need to be the same structure).

Nine West reading question

Please read the article and answer questions.
1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Nine West merchandising system circa 2000 as discussed in the case?
2. What aspects of the Nine West merchandising system from 20 years ago would likely stay the same and which should be changed in the current omni-channel environment and as an online shoe retailer in Australia? How might contemporary information systems and data analytics available in 2020 but less so in 2000 help Nine West manage various components of their 2020 retail merchandising system as described in the case?

Quine on the indeterminacy of meaning

This is a philosophical essay on Quine.
The question is:
“Explain Quine’s argument for the indeterminacy of meaning. Give reasons for and against his argument. Do you agree with his argument?”

I’m uploading chapter 2 of his book “Word and Object” which should be discussed as the main reference. There’s no need to include other references, but the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy might help in general, and can be cited if needed.

Dalla’s Buyers Club


Texas History

FORMAT:  Your film review will have five parts.

Essays should be typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins all around, 12 point font size, and include a Bibliography.
This is a formal paper, not conversational; DO NOT use words like I, me, etc
You should have a minimum of 3 pages, excluding the Bibliography, and use Chicago Style Formatting.
Part One: Main Characters

Identify the main characters/people/organization and give a brief description of each. Why are they present in the film?
If the film is based on a real person/event, compare reality to the filmed version (you will have to research this).
Part Two: Geographic Location

Describe the geographic and social location/setting of the film. The social location refers to what the atmosphere is like for people based on social characteristics like race, class, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, etc.
Is this significant to the film?
Part Three: Brief Synopsis

Write a brief synopsis of the film. What do you see as the major theme(s) of the film?
Part Four: Analyze the film

Discuss important turning-points in the film and significant scenes. Look at the time-frame of the film. Does time elapse during the film? Are There Flashbacks? Dream Sequences? Is this necessary to the story line?
Do people have very different stories about very similar events? If so, what may influence that?
What do you think the purpose(s) of the film is and are those purpose(s) achieved?
Part Five: Brief Reaction

Write a brief response explaining your reaction to the film.

reflection essay

This short reflection on what you have learned over the course of Summer Session I is based on your paragraph(s) on our questions from Day One, Monday, June 1 (1. What is ethics?; 2. What kinds of ethical considerations might apply to the world of work?; 3. What sorts of ethical issues might arise when you are running a business?; 4. What do you yourself understand as ethical business practices and why? Why are these practices important to you?).
You will consider how your views may (or may not) have changed, and will support your reflections with reference to theoretical and secondary texts we have explored over the course of the session (with beautiful referencing and a bibliography, needless to say!).

please use a simple English

do not use foot notes for bibliography

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For your final essay you have three options:

1.Choose 2-3 of our key thinkers and discuss in detail how their work encourages us to understand the relationship between at least two of the following: culture, society, politics, power, subjectivity, knowledge, cultural studies method/methodology.
2.Use the work of at least two key thinkers to undertake an extended critical analysis of an example, or examples, chosen from popular culture and/or everyday life.
3.Formulate your own research question and then write a research essay on some aspect of the unit of interest to you.
For the major essay you can refer to any and all readings youve looked at in detail for previous assignments.

magery of Classic Mayan Stone Sculpture

12 pt. font, double-spaced) Discuss the theme of rulership in the imagery of Classic Maya stone sculpture at Tikal, Copan, Palenque, Piedras Negras and Yaxchiln. As you construct your essay, consider the following: How are Maya rulers portrayed in sculpted images? What themes associated with ruler-ship can be detected at the various sites and how are these themes depicted in stone sculpture? What earthly and supernatural roles and responsibilities of Maya rulers are suggested by these images and thematic representations? Support your discussion with specific examples of works required for the final exam; be sure to discuss at least one sculpture from each of the five sites. ( I will provide photos on copan because the file is too big and information of the mayan sculptures)