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I need this research question sheet filled out I will attach it here as well as an example of what the professor exactly wants exactly for the research question itself .. my topic will be about bullying but please the research question needs to be an applied research question about bullying and you need to state in their what is the levels of the independent variable there should only be two levels as well as for the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis it has to match my research question please and it has to talk about one topic only you cant talk about many different things it has to focus on one thing

Key Reading Assignment

Hi, so attached I have the outline for the assignment and I need it to be in 12 font with citations in APA format and a reference page at the end I will need you to write a separate response to each article I will as well send you the articles needed for the assignment which is 4 pages in total 

Research Worksheet

So I need this worksheet to be filled out for my research paper my topic is about bullying and it has to be talking about children and youth studies referring to bullying the question where it asks what is my research question it has to be an applied children and youth studies research question about bullying bellow I will have attached the worksheet that has to be filled out

Key Reading Assignment

Hi my Name is Neven Elsayed I am a college student taking A Children And Youth Studies course so I have an assignment where I have to read three articles and respond to them each in 2-3 pages with what the professor wants in her guidelines I will paste the article links here that are needed for my assignment I will post 4 and you can choose 3 out of the 4 and below I will attach the guidelines of the assignment