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One of the reasons it is important to learn about different cultures is that it allows us the ability to better recognize our unconscious conceptions/misconceptions of people that differ from us. When you first meet/see/interact with someone who is visibly different than you, it is likely that you already have a preconceived expectation of how they are going to act, what values and beliefs they hold, and even the style of communication in which they will engage. This is especially true if your only experience with these cultural differences has been learned via the media. What often happens is once you engage with members from other cultures first-hand, you will find media portrayals may have mislead you and falsely shaped your unconscious expectations of how others exist. The discussion is intended to get you thinking about the way you perceive others who are different than you. Please watch the following videos and respond to the prompts below Please describe a time where you have felt that someone else has unfairly judged you based on the way you look, or because of a group membership you belong to (e.g., religious, political, sexual orientation, ethnic, etc.). How did this make you feel about yourself? How did this make you feel about the person who incorrectly passed judgment on you? Describe a time when you unfairly stereotyped an individual from a different culture? How did this make you feel once you realized you unfairly judged them?