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Essay #1
You are a member of a newly formed World Health Organization (WHO) committee with a task to re-evaluate existing WHO strategies/approaches and improve the health of the global population. Your task is to address a specific health problem and draft a report on it. These reports will serve as background information for discussion and as input for the final WHO recommendation on the issue. As a student member of WHO, you are expected to write such a study.
All reports should cover the following topics:
Global patterns of the health problem
Discuss the key health status indicators and how the health problems are measured
Biological, lifestyle/behavioural and social determinants of the health problem
Discuss and provide examples of  the global burden of disease and how it is measured (i.e., HALE, DALY), outline the patterns and trends in the burden of disease
Formulate a strategy that should be chosen to tackle this health problem (make sure to offer a suggestion for improvement of current WHO strategies).
Health, education, equity and the economy concerns should be addressed
Reflect on the ethical and political consequences of addressing the problem based on your recommendations
Paper guidelines:  
The written assignment is a minimum of 4 pages. Students should adopt an executive writing style that is concise and free of spelling and punctuation errors. Written communication must attribute all sources and comply with university academic honesty policy using American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.
The paper must have a minimum of 15 references, with a reference list at the end of the of the paper in APA style 6th edition

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