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English Scenario Paper


Ginny, a young girl with autism, was recently enrolled at the cooperative preschool where you are the director. Ginny loves school. Her favorite part of the day is playtime, as she loves washing babies and doing art projects, especially painting. She is making friends, and several of the students rush to sit by her side at circle. You are concerned because you hear both staff and parents referring to Ginny in a way that focuses on the childs limitations rather than her abilities. Several of the staff and parents call her the autistic girl. Most recently you have heard several of the children saying the same thing. 

  Write a brief article for the parent newsletter to address your concern providing some guidelines for addressing this issue with the children.

 Must have  annotated resource list containing 10 references. Five of the 10 resources will be peer-reviewed research based articles/book about research. The remaining 5 will be teacher/parent-friendly articles/books.


Open the “Uber instructions” file for instructions and answer the questions from CASE 17 IN PAGE C-107 THE CASE CALLED Uber: Driving Global Disruption.

Then I want you to open the other file “Strategic Plan Paper Idea” and chose a company because you going to do it next time.