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Part One:
1. Go over the attached link. (It is a 9 to 10 minutes YouTube Video.)
2. Who are the major stakeholders involved in this issue?  How are they affected/not affected by this issue? (List those stakeholders directly stated in the scenario and those who could possibly be affected.)

Part Two:
Discuss the following question: 

Should A.I. technology be implemented into all employment sectors?  (Pick one theory/principle that may support your position/answer. Explain how.)
Theories list: 1.Utilitarianism 2.Deontology 3.Kant’s Categorical Imperative


Read the attached article. 

Ethics of Technology Needs More Political Philosophy;

Johannes Himmelreich
Incorporating considerations of reasonable pluralism, individual agency, and legitimate authority.

State your opinion to the following question:

Do you agree with the author’s assessments that ‘political philosophy’ should be included in making ethical decisions?