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This is a very last minute thing and the task is moderate difficulty. The document “AI and RPA Opportunities” contains an in-depth analysis of the RPA called UIPath. I have a presentation first thing tomorrow (1:00AM UTC time 5/6/20) and am going to speak in-depth on UIPath. After the presentation, there will be 5 minutes of question time from the audience and teachers. For the task, I’d like the expert to come up with a list of 20 different questions that may be asked with regards to UIPath. The questioning is going to be heavily based on UIPath and I don’t have a clue what questions I may be asked by the audience or teachers.

Corporate reporting case

In the case study, you should prepare the Income Statement of the presented company for the year ended Dec 20X6. In the file you income statement and balance sheet for the year 20×5. To each statement you have some notes in separate sheets.
Events in 20×6 sheet contain all the information of events happened in 2016

See “assignment instructions”

Critically evaluate the view that CSR reporting should be treated the same as financial reporting i.e. it should have a strict and a well-developed reporting and regulatory regime supporting it. In addition, critically evaluate the arguments put forward in item 4, namely that there is a potential conflict between CSR and profit related activities. Can this conflict be resolved?

Ethics Case

Writing Requirements-3 pages APA Format 2-3 references

You are in your second year as an auditor with Dantly and Regis, a regional CPA firm. One of the firm’s long-time clients is Mayberry-Cleaver Industries, a national company involved in the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of hydraulic devices used in specialized manufacturing applications. Early in this year’s audit you discover that Mayberry-Cleaver has changed its method of determining inventory from LIFO to FIFO. Your client’s explanation is that FIFO is consistent with the method used by some other companies in the industry. Upon further investigation, you discover an executive stock option plan whose terms call for a significant increase in the shares available to executives if net income this year exceeds $44 million. Some quick calculations convince you that without the change in inventory methods, the target will not be reached; with the change, it will.

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Do you perceive an ethical dilemma? What would be the likely impact of following the controller’s suggestions? Who would benefit? Who would be injured?