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AplusLearning online

  Use internet explorer if not then use Google Chrome. To get to the online website you must type “Denison isd aplus anywhere” then click on the link that says “A+LS denisonisd” and once youre on the website you click the burton that says “browser playback” the tops bar ussrname is: yareli Prado and the Bottom bar password is: 40319     
There are 35 lessons. for each lesson the only thing that has to be done is a test that only has 10 questions, and you have to make an 80 or above to pass onto the next lesson. And once you’ve cored and 80 or above there will be a red Apple to the next of that lesson that means you can go onto the next lesson. But if there isnt a red Apple Next to the lesson, click on it again and press where it says PRACTICE and spend at last 5 minutes,  just stay on that screen for 5 minutes then there should be a red Apple next to the lesson to let you move on.