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The eight unique features of e-commerce technology

Select ONE e-commerce company and assess it in terms of The eight unique features of e-commerce technology described in Reading materials (see below). Answer all the questions shown below.

1. Explain The eight unique features of e-commerce.
2. Explain which features the company is implementing well, and which features poorly based on The eight unique features of e-commerce technology described? Give at least one example each from the company to illustrate your understanding.

An exploration of Black and Asian students experiences and perceptions of counselling

    The purpose of this research study is to explore Black or Asian students experiences of counselling that have Black or Asian background; to understand individuals view within a diverse background and culture. As strongly recommended in an Article; Lost by David Palmer (2007), it is paramount to listen and empower individuals from a minority group that has a major gap in providing support services. To achieve this, it was also published in the same articlerecommended by Palmer to conduct a qualitative research to incorporate individuals perspectives, as it has been reinforced that individuals have a meaningful and valid view that would contribute positively to the balance of prioritising perspectives.