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Managing Innovation in Business ( Degree )

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This Is my second assignment CW2, you are required to produce a report.
From your findings in CW1 First assignment which is Googles Innovation Management (File attached)
you are to develop an innovation road map that outlines the preparation of the innovation process. This audit will factor in the wider, operational environment of both up and downstream suppliers and service providers, whilst developing a fuller picture of the organisations full innovation capacity.

1) Apply an evaluative approach to a range of business data, sources of information and appropriate methodologies in identifying drivers of innovation within a business and its environments;

2) Analyse and illustrate how organisations and their leaders can successfully plan and prepare for innovation;

3) Critically discuss the importance of organisational knowledge, knowledge transfer and cross functional co-operation in order to analyse and assess innovation capability and blockages;

4) Actively engage in the identification of a new product/service for a chosen organisation and identify the key activities required for its successful development;

5) Conduct an innovation/organisational development audit appropriate for the introduction of the new product/service.

This Assignment need to be submit one of them UK UNIVERSITY,

So Harvard references system and acknowledgment must be based on Uk and formal business style 1.5 spacing, font sizes 11, 

If I am going to give you a paper instruction thats you must read 4 pages of BRIEF, GUIDANCE & Recommendations which is I have Attached and my First assignment file which is Googles Innovation Management (File attached) please.
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