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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Using the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, you are required to use the
stakeholders theory to:
i) Summarise key facts of the scandal. (10 marks)
ii) Identify Facebooks key stakeholders. (20 marks)
iii) Critically evaluate the effectiveness of Facebooks social, ethical, and
environmental accounting, auditing and reporting tools used to
communicate with stakeholders. (20 marks)
iv) Explain how Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal has changed laws
and regulations regarding online privacy in the United Kingdom,
European Union and other countries. (20 marks)
v) Apply your knowledge to suggest improvements for Facebooks business
ethics. (20 marks)
(Total marks 90)

The report will receive the remaining 10 marks for exceptional presentation, logically
structured, using correct grammar and spelling, and evidence of reading a wide range of
supplementary sources. Appendix 2 provides guidance on criteria for assessment, where
University of Brighton, Brighton Business School
FA265: Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Coursework, 2019-2020
APPENDIX 1: Suggested structure and presentation of the report
Structure for group report
o Front sheet (including name and student number, word count).
o Title page, including the given title in full.
o Abstract
o Introduction
o Main body with appropriate headings
o Conclusion
o Numbered appendices
Your work should be word processed in accordance with the following:
Font style, Times New Roman, font size 12
1.5 line spacing
The page orientation should be portrait
Margins on both sides of the page should be no less than 2.5 cm
Pages should be numbered
Your name should not appear on the script
Your name and student number should be included on every page