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Literary review on professional learning communities

Write a 500-550 word (very concise) literary review on “professional learning communities”. The basis for this will be two articles I will send, and I ask that you add two other sources to the literary review. This is master’s level work and must be high quality.

Evaluation of emergency preparedness for disasters in hospitals

write the literature review and methodology chapter of as a part of  thesis and I want alo to continue writing the other chapters with you  please look at the proposal attached to see the research quesstion and the tool used .
I have used the survey mokey to collect responses and also analysis I will provide you with the lo in name and password sso you could work on it

Mental well-being

– Definition of mental well-being
– What affects employee mental well-being
– What are the benefits of good employee mental well-being (better teamwork, increased productivity, increased motivation, increased empathy, improved understanding and awareness of others, improved workplace relationships, improved self-control, increased trust, increased positivity)?

Minimum of 10 references, no more than 10 years old (2010 and up). Only journal articles, can be a few books. Harvard style referencing. Work must include in-text referencing, every piece of information must be supported with a reference.

Taking this into consideration, is morality possible without God? Critically discuss this question in light of the theories that you have dealt with in this course.

The research essay (assignment) should be a maximum of 1000-1500 words. Please adhere to
the word count!
You need to include at least six academic sources. Including in-text references (year and page
numbers) and a complete bibliography!

The notion of religion as a precondition for morality is deeply entrenched, at the same time highly
contested. In Platos famous Euthyphro, Socrates famously asks whether the gods love good
action because it is good, or is good action good because it is loved by the gods? Socrates clearly
favoured the former proposal, yet some thinkers argue that morality is dictated and indeed
unthinkable without God.

research proposal speech chosen primary articles related to T2DM

I have selected 8 primary article to use for systematic review. I have slides but only need speech. I will gibe another details once I have discussed writer. This speech will include these details:

    The 10 minutes Major Project presentation should have no more than 10 minutes which will explain to your audience (fellow students and tutor) why you have chosen the specific topic of type 2 diabetes. Your presentation should answer questions such as: Why this topic was chosen? What are you trying to achieve by undertaking this critical literature review? How you are planning to undertake this critical literature review by using systematic methods? Which databases are you planning to search?

    I hope this given you a rough idea what this presentation will entail. Each student will need to present what topic he or she have chosen, how he or she are planning to undertake the literature review, what steps, what they are trying to get out of this critical literature review (benefits to clinical practice and patients)

Collective Action

According to Mancur Olson, under what conditions can collective action be accomplished? Explain how the logic of collective action shapes political and economic power with reference to a contemporary issue in world politics.
Various references are welcome.

Please refer to Mancur Olson’s book, ‘The Logic of Collective Action’. 

Please follow the instructions below:
Include a clear thesis statement. Makes a claim, directly answering a question. Maintain a clear structure. The essay should include an introduction (with a thesis statement), a middle, and a conclusion.
Write engagingly. Motivate your reader.

human resources management

Hi there hope you safe and well. the assignment has two tasks. the first task is a 1500 words report, second one is a power point presentation with 8 slides(4 pages) .i know the second task says it needs 13 slides, but the lecturer do not mind less than that as long as all the bullets points are addressed chronologically. for more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.thank you in advance.PS: please include an introduction and conclusion in both tasks, in-line references, pictures(power point)

A critical analysis of participatory leadership on school culture

I am seeking assistance in a few areas:
1 – overall improvement in the work in accordance with the assessment criteria
2 – strengthening of arguments
3 – increase critiques of points made (should be more analytical)
4 – the discussion section needs a lot of work (I very poorly put the interview results in, but this needs to be consolidated – lose 1000 words, and things can be simplified and just overall improved a lot) – also, add more analysis by connecting it with info from the literary review
5 – concision so that the entire paper is no more than 5500 words
6 – a short 300-500 word conclusion to be written
7 – check for any plagiarism issues

imperial democracies,militarised zones, feminidst engagements

an essay by Chandra Talpade Mohanty was used with the heading in the topic. the essay question is
Examine why Mohanty argues that ” imperial feminist projects devoted to bringing freedom and democracy to oppressed 3rd world women have buttressed justifications for war and occupations”.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I am working on a larger paper where I will analyze the implementation of an educational innovation through the Bolman and Deal’s “Four Frame Model”. What I am seeking help with is one particular aspect of this assignment, the literary review.

The literary review should include a section on innovation in schools, the four frames model, and building capacity in order for innovation to take hold in schools through the use of professional learning communities.

The paper should be organized as such:

Literary review on innovation in schools (300 words)
Literary review on “the four frames model” by Bolman and Deal (1000 words)
Literary review on “building capacity” for innovation through “professional learning communities” (500-700 words)

This literary review should be a critical analysis of the literature:
That is, draw attention to strengths and weaknesses in arguments, scope or methodologies.
Use counterarguments in the literature
Define the key concepts/theoretical components
Many sources should be used (I used 15-20 in a previous review)

Some useful resources on the last literary review section are:
Building the Capacity for School Improvement by Alma Harris (on SAGE)
Professional learning communities and system improvement by Alma Harris (on SAGE)
The Sustainability of Innovative Schools as Learning Organizations and Professional Learning Communities During Standardized Reform (also oon SAGE)