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Part 4
Last week, a disk containing CSM Tech Publishing’s current project manuscripts crashed. Fortunately, there was a backup, but all files that had been added or changed that day were lost. A new disk had to be purchased for overnight delivery, and the data had to be restored. Several days of work time were lost. The owner of CSM Tech wants to know what can be done to prevent the loss of data and time if a disk crashes in the future. The server currently has two disks installed: one for the Windows boot and system volumes and one for manuscript files. The disk used for manuscript files is about one-third full. There’s enough money in the budget to purchase up to two new drives if needed. What solution do you recommend, and why?

Part 5
Let’s take a break from  CSM Tech Publishing and talk about your experience with virtualization. Unit 5 is Implementing Virtualization with Hyper-V: Part 1. In this class, we will be learning how to use Hyper-V, which is the virtualization platform that is included in Windows. Have you used Hyper-V or any other virtualization platform before? If so, tell us about it. If not, how do you think you could use it in the future?

Part 6
You recently became the server administrator for a company. As soon as you walked in the door, users were telling you the network is running slowly quite often, but they couldn’t tell you when it happened or how much it slowed down. What tests and measurements could you use to try to determine what’s going on?

Part 10
When CSM Tech Publishing started its Windows network almost a year ago, the network was small enough that you simply used the default Users and Computers containers for the user account and computer account objects that you created. However, now that the company has grown to more than 50 users and computers, you decide that some structure is needed. You talk to the owner to understand how the business is organized and learn that there are four main departments: Executive, Marketing, Engineering, and Operations. How would you structure Active Directory based on this information? What types of objects would you include in each container? Would you move any objects and where would you move them to?

Part 11
CSM Tech Publishing has added a branch office with about 50 users. The HR Department has given you a spreadsheet with the employee information that includes the employee name, office location, department, title, and so forth. Describe at least two different methods you can use to add these user accounts to Active Directory that don’t involve manual creation of each account from scratch.

Part 12
You’ve been called in to solve a problem for CSM Tech Publishing, which is running Windows Server 2016 servers in a domain environment. Strict account policies that require password changes every 20 days, a password history of 24, complex passwords, and an account lockout threshold of 2 are in place because five high-level managers have access to information about future projects that must be kept secret. The problem is that the support team is constantly fielding calls to unlock accounts and reset passwords because users forget them. Worse, many users have taken to writing their passwords on notes stuck to their desks or monitors. What can you suggest to maintain a strict password policy for the five managers but loosen requirements for the remaining staff? What steps would you take?

Part 13
You have been told that all users in the Marketing Department must have a computer working environment that meets certain criteria. Marketing Department users don’t always sign in to the same computer every day, so these requirements should apply wherever they sign in. You have a Windows Server 2016 domain, and all computers are domain members. All Marketing Department user and computer accounts are in the Marketing OU. All desktops run Windows 10. The criteria follow:
Marketing users must be able to access documents they save in the Documents folder in their profiles from any computer they sign in to.
A company marketing application must be installed automatically when users sign in if it’s not already installed.
The marketing application they run leaves behind temporary files named mktapp.tmpX in the C:MktApp folder (with the X representing a number). These files contain sensitive information and must be deleted when the user signs out.
How can you make sure all these criteria are met? What should you configure to meet each criterion? Be specific about any options that should be enabled or disabled and how the configuration should be applied.

Part 14
You have several users who have local administrative access to their computers. Some of these users are changing certain policies that shouldn’t be changed for security reasons. You don’t want to take away their local administrative access, but you want to be sure that these important policies are reapplied to computers if a user changes them. What can you do?


You’re installing a new network for CSM Tech Publishing, a new publisher of technical books and training materials. There will be 10 client computers running Windows 10, and CSM Tech Publishing plans to run a web-based order processing/inventory program that for now is used only by in-house employees while they’re on site. CSM Tech Publishing wants to be able to manage client computer and user policies and allow employees to share documents. Sign in and security should be centrally managed. What network model (workgroup, or domain) should be used? Explain your answer, including any server roles you may need to install.

Your client, CSM Tech Publishing, has been running Windows Server 2016 Essentials Edition, which you installed about a year ago, and is using the Active Directory Domain Services, DNS, and File Services roles. The number of computer clients has grown from 25 to 40 in the past 6 months, and additional growth is expected. The owner mentioned that he will need to sign in to the server periodically to do maintenance and monitoring and he is not very familiar with PowerShell.
Which edition of Windows Server would you recommend? Do you think a clean installation or upgrade is best and would you recommend Server Core?

The owner of CSM Tech Publishing was at the sales office last week and out of curiosity wanted to sign in to the server there. The owner is somewhat tech savvy and has even worked a little with Active Directory in Windows Server 2012. He was shocked when he signed in and didn’t see a familiar user interfaceonly a command prompt. He asked you about this and accepted your explanation of Server Core and why you chose this installation option. However, he was wondering what would happen if you stopped providing support or were unavailable for an extended period, and your replacement wasn’t familiar with Server Core. Write an email explaining how this situation could be handled easily.

Visio Assignment

After reviewing Appendix C of Hands-On Database, use Visio to re-create one of the E-R diagrams provided in Appendix F of Database Design for Mere Mortals. Please note that the symbols used in Visio are not identical to those used in Database Design for Mere Mortals. You should create your diagram using symbols with similar meanings.

I will provide the reading material and access to Visio if you do not have access to it

Scenario Activity

Vince Roberts runs a vintage record shop in the University district. His shop sells 45s, LPs, and even old 76 RPM records. Most of his stock is usedhe buys used vinyl from customers or finds them at yard sales and discount storesbut he does sell new albums that are released on vinyl. For a couple of years, he has kept most of his inventory either in his head or in a spiral notebook he keeps behind the sale counter. But his inventory and his business have grown to where that is far from sufficient.

Vince is looking for someone to make him a database. He knows he needs to get a better handle on several aspects of his business: He needs to know the extent and condition of his inventory. He needs to know the relative value of his inventorysome records are worth a fortune; some are nearly worthless. He also needs to track where, from whom, and for how much he purchased his stock. He needs to track his sales. He often is not entirely sure how much money he has spent or how much money he has earned.

In addition he would like to allow customers to make specific requests and notify them if a requested item comes in. More generally he would like to make an email list of interested customers in order to let them know about new items of interest.

Someday, he would like to expand his business online. But he knows he needs to have everything under control before then.


List the major topics for this database.

Write a draft statement of work. Include a brief history, a statement of scope, objectives, and a preliminary timeline.

Documentation: Start a notebook, either electronically or physically, to record your progress with the scenario database. Add the statement of work and any notes to the notebook.

Add some Java code

I put together a very simple base program on, I just need some code added to meet the task criteria – essentially an Action Listener and some algorithm such as:

if button-x is clicked followed immediately by button-y then directed to page which says “correct”, else gets sent to a page that says “incorrect”.

Is that something you can do ? It is fairly simple. I just do not know how to do it.

Coding Problem

These links are the two assignments you can do, if they don’t work for what ever reason, please do any other two assignments that are level 8 on the website.
Complete the code and include comments with //’s on how it was done, please and thank you.

Programing Project

Due to the three parts to this assignment, if accepted, I’ll release the first half of payment when part 1 of this assignment is finished.

The project has three parts.  All three classes are to be worked within the starter code provided for you.

The starter code that is mandatory for this has been included in the attachments, thank you for your time.

Part I:

Work in class Circle.

Design a class named Circle with double fields named radius and circumference and area.  Include a no argument constructor that set the radius to 1 and calculates the other two values.  Include a second constructor that accepts a value for the radius.

public Circle()

public Circle(double radius)


The circumference is 2*pi*r.

The area is pi*r^2.

Use Math.PI for this calculation.

Include methods getRadius() and setRadius().  Also include a method getArea() and getCircumference().

The main method to enter data and display the data is provided for you.  You are to finish the Circle class in the file.


Part II:

Work in class CheckArray.

Using a method

has4or5(int [] arr)

that reads in an integer array, return whether or not the array contains a 4 or 5.

If a 4 or 5 is found in the array, return true.  If no 4 or 5 can be found in the array, return false.


Part III:

Work in class ArraySize.

Start with 2 int arrays, a and b, each length 4. Consider the sum of the values in each array. Return the array which has the largest sum. In event of a tie, return a.

An android communication app

An android communication app with with three users (co-ordinator,teacher,parent) and an administrator( hostel administrator). The administrator should be able to select a particular student from a database of students and send a message( text/doc/video/image) to that student’s parent/teacher/coordinator.A two-factor authentication for the admin to strengthen the security

App should be scalable and extensible

More details provided in Client and Criteria B

Working of the code to be explained according to criterion C

E-Learning videos

We have to make 5 videos each video has to be more than 2 minutes it has to be you teaching something. I will have to put my voice in it and I will do that but I just need u to make the videos for me for my idea Ill be teaching KG students my ideas are
video 1: abcds
video 2: numbers
video 3: spelling easy words
video 4: writing easy words
video 5: writing a sentence with the words taught


Complete research and create an online poster/ Google presentation to explain the processes of respiration.

Deadline: Sunday 31st May at 4pm.

To be included:

All parts of respiration and where in the cell they occur.

What are the substrates and products of each part of the individual  processes.

The names of the protein/ enzymes involved / any known inhibitors of respiration
and where they act.

2 different medical conditions that affect the process of  respiration and the consequences of this to the individual and also society.
Note: Thinking about the consequences this may have on the individual, could this affect society as a whole?

Any additional information you deem fit / bit of interesting facts.

If completing a Google Presentation, the presentation should be no longer
than 10 slides.