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Discussion Question

What are some of the initial steps in starting your own organization (nonprofit, for-profit or social entrepreneurship?
What role does a community assessment play in creating your own organization
In your posting, discuss additional resources (at minimum 2) (articles, books, videos, websites, blogs, etc.) that you found to be helpful in answering our discussion question.

Writers Choice (Powerpoint)

PowerPoint (8-16 sides)
Selection a contemporary artifact It can be a book, film, work of art or artist, musical album or artist, piece of architecture or other cultural production.This should be something that has been particularly meaningful to you, or something that you believe is culturally important.

Read the artifact
You should consider both your personal connection and reaction to the object and the wider reception. In other words, you should talk both about its personal meaning and you should do some research into the context production, or reception of the work.

The goal here is to think carefully about your artifact to take seriously the cultural productions that we engage in every day. What values is it promoting? How does it celebrate or critique the current culture?

Present your findings creatively: PowerPoint (8-16 sides)
THE THREE THINGS you must do:
Provide a summary of the thing you chose. When was it made? How was it made? What was its reception? Anything else that is important or interesting?

2.) Personal Importance. Why does it matter to you or you believe is culturally important? When did you encounter it?

3.)Wider Importance. Why do you think this thing should matter more broadly? Why should others check it out, or care about it?

Japanese Civilians during WWII Origins and Others

Japanese Civilians during WWII Origins and Others

Part 4: Origins and Others
In an essay of about 5-7 full paragraphs (4-5 sentences each):

Use reliable, scholarly sources from UMGC’s library to help you describe or tell your group’s origin story, its creation myth. Remember that this is myth, not history, so compose the creation story as such. In other words, mythologize the history of the group’s beginnings. It does not have to be true, but it should be rooted in some kind of actual historical event.
Include elements of creation myths that you discovered in Week 4’s Learning Resources and Discussions.
In your creation myth, include one or more of the group’s “others” whether they be monsters, villains, or enemies using some of the information you learned in Week 5’s Learning Resources. Against whom does your group define themselves and why? This “other” should have some roots in the actual history of the group. For instance, hackers might define themselves against cyber security experts, who could be made into an “other” in the story.
Cite your sources using MLA style. | UMGC Library – MLA Citation Examples –
Carefully edit and proof your essay for standard use of English.

In the attached word document. This essays specifically pertains to Part 4 for the Course Project Full Description.

Electoral college

Read the information referenced in this NY Times link:

There are also links to two resources (a video and article) cited in the text of the link . After reading (and perhaps watching the video) answer these three questions. The paper should be a minimum of two-three pages, double-spaced and in 12-point font with one-inch margins.

1) What does democracy mean to you? Given your understanding, do you believe the Electoral College is democratic? Why or why not?

The Electoral College has elected a president who did not win the popular vote twice in the past 20 years, in 2000 and 2016. Do you think this means the system is broken? Or is it working the way it is supposed to?

Do you think the United States should get rid of the Electoral College? If so, why and what should replace it? If not, why not?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This is a two part order that are both related to each other, I need part 1 of the order completed by July 2nd and I need the other part of the order completed by July 31st

The 1st Assignment is a rough draft for Assignment #2 which is a Major research essay

The 1st assignment instructions is a draft for assignment #2 which needs to be done and completed by July 2nd at the very latest with NO delays

A list of 4 topics is in the 2nd Assignment instructions file, from those 4 topics you must chose one topic and then based off of that topic you must start the 1st Assignment. The 1st Assignment is basically a start for Assignment #2

Indigenous situation

Do you think that the situation of the natives has improved considerably since 1550 during the Debate on the nature of the indigenous people of Valladolid? yes or no and why? Please support your question with specific examples: quotes from the primary text or news, data, and figures from indigenous groups today.

**IMPORTANT: Use scholarly citation/reference**

HUS 530 Weekly Assignment

Based upon a Community Needs Assessment, determine what gaps in service exist in your community. Please contact your instructor if you need assistance in identifying sources of a needs assessment or community plan that outlines such recent research. It is suggested to locate a United Way in your community to begin your research. If no local community needs assessment has been formally conducted, choose a service that you have good reason to believe is needed in your community. Once you have determined a gap in services for your project, you will spend the next 8 weeks developing a step by step approach to creating a new human services agency to serve this population.

In this first step, you will decide what type of agency and service you want to develop. Think about vulnerable populations that may be underserved such as aging adults, homeless mothers and their children, runaway youth, chronically unemployed and impoverished adults, drug and alcohol addicted teens, disabled children and adults, mentally ill people, and families who lack sufficient financial resources to meet their needs.

You may also find that supportive services such as community recreational programs, daycare centers in low income areas, neighborhood playgrounds, parent education resources, counseling, and job training are programs that will prevent residents from needing crisis intervention services in the future. These types of programs may also be considered. In this step, you will determine what type of new service you will develop.

Following APA formatting, complete a 2 page proposal (double space) describing the type of service you will develop, agency auspices, (private for-profit, nonprofit, social entrepreneurship) size of agency, location, ages served, and justification for the need based upon a community needs assessment or other information you have researched. Will you develop your agency yourself or partner with another individual or community agency? Will you need to submit your proposal to anyone in your community for approval?

APA referencing required (3 sources minimum). APA formatting is required. It is suggested to organize your content with the use of headings. Use of the Scott textbook with reference to concepts in Chapters 1-4, the Keohane textbook with reference to concepts in Chapters 1-4, and the Start Your Own Business textbook with reference to concepts in Chapters 1-3 is required. Address in your discussion –  How does your idea relate to the Saint Leo core Value of Excellence?

Differences between a private-for-profit, or private non-profit organization or a social entrepreneurship.

Websites for Reference:
National Council of Nonprofits
Grant space – a service of Foundation Center

From our readings, activities and resources, address the following questions:

What are some of the initial steps in starting your own organization (nonprofit, for-profit or social entrepreneurship?
What role does a community assessment play in creating your own organization
In your posting, discuss additional resources (at minimum 2) (articles, books, videos, websites, blogs, etc.) that you found to be helpful in answering our discussion question.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The research paper will be a 2000-word essay and can either be on a world religion or a current ethical issue.

If you choose to write on a world religion, your essay will consider. . .

This research paper on a world religion will consider the similarities between Christianity and another world religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Islam. It will seek to answer the question of whether the similarities are significant or not.  The essay will include a biography of the person who started the religion, an overview of their teachings, how those teachings are similar to and different from Christianity, and an explanation of the significance of those differences and similarities.

If you choose to write on an ethical issue, you may choose from the following topics: gay marriage, capital punishment., abortion, physician assisted suicide, gun control, immigration or a subject that the student would like to suggest. (Subject to teachers approval.) It should contain at least three points in favor of the position the student argues as well as counters to those arguments and responses.
Your essay should contain at least one resource per page. Online resources are allowed but should be balanced with hard copy sources.

DaimlerChrysler – A Failed Global Merger

Answer only 3 of these questions:

1) In broad terms, what were each of Chryslers and Daimlers motives for entering the merger?  Evaluate the extent to which each firm accomplished these motives.

2) Explain how the DaimlerChrysler merger enhanced economies of scale and scope in the respective firms.  How successful was the venture in attaining such economies?
What advantages did each of Chrysler and Daimler seek from their merger? 

3) What disadvantages did these firms bring to the venture?  Elaborate.

4) The chapter identifies a collection of questions that managers should address before forming international collaborative ventures.  In terms of potential risks in collaboration, what issues did top management at DaimlerChrysler fail to adequately understand?  Elaborate.

5) Suggest a systematic process that Daimler could have followed to increase the likelihood of merger success.  Provide examples on how Daimler might have made such a process succeed.

– No less than 1,100 words and no more than 1,500 words.

– Single spacing only.

– Restate the question in your submission using such as section headers.  The questions restated will NOT count toward your min / max word count.