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ENTD411 Assignment 4

Assignment Instructions
Week 4 Assignment

For your assignment complete the following using screenshots, images or diagram of sample products, processes, etc. to illustrate and descriptive texts to address the items below (you may also consult as a source). This is not a research paper; however provide your source(s):

1. Provide a model (not a research paper) of the project management process in application development.
2. Illustrate how they relate.
3. Explain the consequences of not addressing each phase.
Submission Instructions: Upon completion, submit your completed project in this area of the classroom for grading.
Title your Word doc this way:
ENTD411 B001 Win 12
Week 4 Assignment
Last Name, First Name

Communicating with stakeholders and managing conflict

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:
Determine appropriate ways to communicate information to internal and external stakeholders
Apply communication techniques to effectively negotiate and manage conflict

You are the manager of a team of 10 software developers working on a new application for your company, Optimum Way Development, which is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Your organization recently acquired a smaller software company based in San Jose, California. You have been informed that your team will be bringing on five people from this newly acquired company; all five people will be moving to Raleigh to join your team.
You schedule a phone call with the five new team members and discover that they are upset about the recent impersonal message they received from human resources informing them that they would have to relocate to Raleigh in order to stay employed; no one expressed excitement about joining the team. During this conversation, you also discover that many of the new team members have more education and experience than the people currently on your team. Based on the conversation, you notice that most of these team members are likely older than you, whereas all of the current Raleigh team members are younger than you.
After the call, one of your current senior team members approaches you about rumors that are circulating concerning the Raleigh team being required to train the new team members from San Jose. They heard that there are plans to eliminate positions and are concerned the new hires will ultimately be taking their positions.
The director who oversees your division has requested that you create and present a recommendation report that documents your plans for managing the conflicts that currently exist or may arise on your team. The director has an advanced degree in a computer science-related field and has worked in technology for over a decade.
In order to identify and resolve existing and future conflicts, you have been asked to compose and present your plan for managing conflict for this project. In addition to identifying and resolving the conflicts, you are also responsible for keeping the development of the new application moving forward by continuing to meet scheduled milestones.
To do this, you will create a recommendation report and corresponding presentation. The audience for both deliverables is your director. As you create your report and presentation, remember to use communication techniques and platforms that are appropriate for your audiences preferences and motivations.
Both deliverables should be based on the above scenario and include the following:
To start, explain the major elements of the software application, including background, audience, functions, and features.
Next, explain the areas of conflict for the team. Make sure to include contributing factors and the possible impacts.
Articulate the desired outcome of any conflict resolution activities.
How would you like to see this conflict resolved?
What is the best-case scenario?
Recommend action steps for managing areas of possible conflict with a detailed explanation on how the action steps contribute to conflict resolution.
In the presentation only, use dialogue to communicate the appropriate main ideas to the audience. Although you will not give this presentation over video, you should use the speakers notes section in PowerPoint to write the accompanying speech.
What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Recommendation Report
Your report should be at least 2 full pages in length (not including a title page), single-spaced and submitted as either a Word document or PDF. Outside resources are not required, but any resources used must be appropriately cited using APA style. You may use the Recommendation Report Template for this submission.
Your presentation should be in a presentation format (such as PowerPoint) and provide an overview of the main ideas from the recommendation report. Using the speakers notes section of PowerPoint, include the speech that would accompany the presentation. Outside resources are not required, but any resources used must be appropriately cited using APA style.

This is what you are going to use to summarize the application of the report and presentation:

The team is working on another security product. This product is aimed at both consumer level and  business level customers. The product tentatively named DataNanny is a data tracker isolation product.  DataNanny will work to isolate you and your personal/corporate data from being collected and sold online. 
Unlike other products that work in isolation or on an app-by-app basis, DataNanny will be app-independent  and multi-device aware. It will achieve a totally isolated environment for its users ensuring them of  completely untracked usage of all of their personal computing devices (phones, tablets, and  laptops/desktops). 
DataNanny, however, requires total buy-in. Users, both individual and corporate, must install and run  DataNanny on all of their devices for the product to be functional. If any single device is omitted, the  blocking of data will not be functional. You can not dam a river if the dam has holes in it. 
DataNanny will function using a central server facility that will coordinate all tracking blockers installed on  your devices. All data requests will be routed through DataNanny, which will be constructed to function as a  proxy server for your devices. This will allow DataNanny to filter all network requests for data and allow only  those requests that have been deemed safe. 
The technical challenge for DataNannys proxy server is speed. Users will only tolerate a moderate amount  of delay in page loading and data transfer rates before they begin to lose faith in the value of anonymity. 
DataNanny will provide a logging and notification system, where users can see what requests have been  made and which of those have been blocked or allowed. Users will be able to challenge a blocked or  allowed request. Challenged requests will initially be reviewed by an AI, and all requests with a certainty  level below 85% will be directed to an evaluation team to determine why the user needs the request to be  allowed. A users request will take no more than 24 hours to resolve. Further research will be needed to  determine the AI inputs appropriate to satisfy a minimum 95% success rate with challenged requests. 
All software will be written in Swift due to speed constraints. If management determines that this makes  recruitment difficult, the language can be changed to C++. 

411 Assignment 3

Assignment Instructions

Week 3 Assignment

Write a two page (double spaced) paper outlining business processes that can make software development realistic and successful. All material for this assignment can be found in the required reading in the textbooks (Bennatan Ch 3 & Ahmed Ch 3).

Title your Word doc this way:
ENTD411 B001 Win 12
Week 3 Assignment
Last Name, First Name

Assignments are due by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday.
Be sure to sue APA style references to support your answers.
See the Evaluation Procedures section for additional information on assignments.

poster presentations

the title of the unit is ; introductions to IcT research methods

i have attached  all the files that needed and the instructions is all explained in the fist files please follow them .

The poster presentations its only one slide .
Time and prices can be discuss 

Blog post revision

Imagine you are the manager of a software development team working on new applications for your company, Optimum Way Development, Inc. The Marketing department has asked you to create a blog post that they can post on the company website to promote one of the applications your team is developing. The audience for this blog post is non-technical potential customers. You asked one of your developers to draft the blog post, which you will then revise before sending it to the Marketing department. The developer has just sent you the draft of the blog post.
Review the attached blog post and revise it so the blog post uses appropriate:
Style and tone
Inclusive language
Technical language/explanation
Writing mechanics (e.g., spelling, grammar, punctuation)
You will be modifying the actual blog post to create a final product that can be given to the Marketing department (i.e., you will be making the desired changes within the document, not providing editing comments).
Guidelines for Submission
To complete this activity, you must submit a blog post.
The final blog post must:
Be 400 to 500 words
Be submitted as a Word document or PDF
Completely address all of the requirements in the Prompt section

This is the Blog for revision:

IT 226 4-1 Activity: Blog Post for Revision


Yall need SnarlReporter! SnarlReporter will be an AI driven web application that will monitor all public traffic cameras in the USA and create a color-coded real time visual representation of the traffic problems present in any country. This is a very, very beneficial web application for customers who have a need to see how traffic problems appear.

The goal of the developers is to provide a toll that can be used by city planners and state and federal governments. When creating public transportation project plan for rail and high speed train or roadway modifications that would improve traffic flow and easy commute times. Expensive traffic studies need to be performed. These are costly and consume a significant amount of time, thereby delaying the project start and inflating the cost. Since the system is driven by publicly available data, access to the system can be provided at reasonably low costs.

Consumer level access will be provided free of charge as the data will not be downloadable as it would be for paying customers. A paying customer would get his detailed report containing daily, weekly and monthly time of day-based traffic profiles. Paying customers can create many different reports within the application! The manual that comes with the application shows customers how to toggle different options, show or hide information, change font colors, reorganize the order in which information is displayed on the report, categorizes the information on the report, and allows the customer to insert custom fields, and import spreadsheets into the application to combine that information with the information in the application.

In future iterations the system will use accident data as well, to try to explain some of the anomalous traffic jams, although the use of data smoothing techniques may eliminate the need for this This can only be determined after a functional prototype has been built and a significant sample of data collected. Optimum Wave Development is committed to creating innovative and useful applications for our customers. Customer feedback drives how we change our applications for the futurewe push to create applications that help you perform the tasks you need to every day. By choosing an Optimum Way Development application, your investing in your current and future success!

team project

Short Easy Task. The project charter is what it started off as so you know. It’s the project contract. Requirements are in the Powerpoint Presentation file all you have to write about is “Detailed Communication Strategy” and “Consideration of the impact of GDPR” You don’t need to do the rest as my Team members are working on those parts.