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Week 7 Case Study Summary (For Hifsa Shakaut)

Draft a  two page case summary on Army Response to Hurricane Florence (attached document)

Note: Use the grading rubric to maximize my points and format my paper according to the template  I attached. It should be the exact format. 12 Font Ariel, double-space, in-text citation and references. 

Wring Assignment

Choose one of the following stories, novels, plays, or poems for your research paper. You may wish to read the

introduction to the author and then to read the first few paragraphs of the story, novel, or play to help you make

your choice. I suggest that you read your primary source (the story, novel, or play) before looking for

commentaries (secondary sources), since you’ll want to experience it as literature with all its interesting details

and surprises first. Once you have made your choice, read carefully and take notes, jotting down any questions

that occur to you as you read. These questions will be part of your research paper.

Literary Genres

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Having an understanding of various types of literary texts and genres of literature is crucial in order to know how to integrate them into English language arts lessons in an elementary classroom.


For this assignment, you will complete the Literary Genre Matrix to describe different types of literary texts and how each can be implemented in the classroom.

Below are examples of fiction and nonfiction genre.

  • Fiction. Drama, fable , fairy tale, fantasy, folklore, historical fiction, horror, humor, legend, mystery, mythology, poetry, realistic fiction, science fiction, short story, tall tale, etc.
  • Nonfiction. Biography, essay, narrative nonfiction, speech, etc.

Choose two examples of fiction genre and two examples of nonfiction genre and address the following in the Literary Genre Matrix.

  • Definition of each form of chosen fiction and nonfiction genre.
  • Two examples of grade cluster appropriate texts for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
  • Two strategies to integrate each text selected into reading, writing, and listening instruction.
  • Two strategies to integrate chosen forms of fiction and nonfiction genre using a technology application.
  • Provide the name of the technology.


In 500 words, summarize and reflect on the different literary genre and how each can be implemented in your future classroom. Explain the strategies for student comprehension in reading. What strategies do you use to choose appropriate texts/genres for grade level strands? How does selecting the appropriate text support a positive attitude toward reading and comprehension skills?

Support your findings with at least two scholarly resources.

Writing About Ethical

What are some ethical challenges presented by contemporary uses of online technologies to communicate, interact, and engage in social activities? Web 2.0 and the evolving social dimension of computing has brought about a paradigm shift in many individuals experience of technology use. The ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate with others through the affordances of technology continues to influence and shape our attitude and motivation towards the uses and purposes of technology. A prime example of this is social media. The advent of social media has impacted our relationship with technology, our relationship with information, our relationship with others, and our relationship with the world around us in terms of:

  • Our lived experience and practice of technological engagement
  • How technology use is embedded in our daily interactions in contemporary society
  • Our overall engagement with and through the web

What ethical challenges might this technological engagement pose? You’ll be exploring this guiding question as you examine the affordances and challenges of social media as a case study. You will examine it generally by reading a journal article affordances/challenges in terms of information, interactivity, and sociability. And then you will examine it practically and in context by choosing one particular social media tool, conducting research about it, and then creating a podcast to share what you learned as well as your own informed perspectives on the issues raised this week.

SECOND: Seek out additional information about the tool you chose from at least FOUR sources total. ONE of your sources can be the assigned reading this week. But the others sources you must find on your own. Do an independent Google search for more sources by entering the name of your tool as a keyword or search terms. When selecting sources to read and reference, consider: Is the source credible? Is the content on the site relevant for the information I’m seeking? What authority does this source have to be making the claims or presenting the information that they do? Are they a trusted source, like an expert in their field, an educational organization, a trusted media source? Popular media sources may be appropriate for this activity, since they often report on what’s impacting popular culture. Use your best judgment. Read about who sponsors or authors the site or the web article. Click on the link to go to the About page to learn more about the source. Is the information presented current, or when was the site last updated? The date of the web article may be near the top next to the author’s name… or scroll to the bottom of the web page and look at the year the site was last updated or copyrighted. Considering our purposes and the constantly changing nature of social media, anything prior to 2015 may be considered outdated and no longer accurate or relevant. Again, use your best judgment. For more academic sources, try doing a search in in addition to basic Google and wikipedia.

Search for information that helps explain how the tool “works.” Go basic and go deep. That is, consider the questions: How does this tool work on a basic level – what is its functionality?  On a deeper level, how are people (adults, teens, kids) using this tool and what are the implications– that is, what influence might it be having on the way people interact with one another or with the world? What do you think of what you have read about this tool? What are your impressions, perspectives, concerns, hopes, fears about how people are using it? Is it being used for entertainment? Is it being used in any way for productive purposes, like learning? What are some of the ethical challenges posed by this tool? You should strive to refer to some of the issues raised this week about information and communications technologies.

– Describe the app/site/tool and why you chose it.

– Describe how it works on a functional level.

– Describe the potential this tool holds for productive uses, such as its potential for learning opportunities, etc.

– Describe what ethical challenges or risks it could potentially pose.

– And finally, share any other impressions or personal perspectives you have about this tool and what you believe is important for people to know.

Assigment 2

 Complete each note taking CHAPTER for “Professor”. You may need to use more than one page template provided in the attachment for note taking depending on the the length of notes. For note taking for each chapter, include key moments of nuance and key details of the chapter. All notes must be bulleted.      

 For the questions for each chapter (provided in the second attachment), please answer all questions regarding “Professor”. Please apply the key parts of each Professor chapter to the book “Frankenstein” (if possible). Note that when a chapter question only has you focus on Frankenstein, regarding another text is not necessary. Answers MUST be in the form of a developed paragraph. Chapter Note Templates, Questions, and Professor Book is in the attachment below. 

  • attachment
  • attachment
  • attachment
  • attachment

Field Experience

You will write two 2-page field experience reports throughout course. Field Experiences ask you to step outside of your normal routines and have an experience that is new to you. All of the field experience options are outlined below. Choose only 1 for the first paper and a different option for the second.

Each report asks you to integrate ideas from your chosen experience with concepts discussed in the course. As you write, be specific in referring to the ideas and reference the materials you discuss. When you refer to an idea in the text, you need to define it (so that I know you know what it means), and then explain why the experience is an example of that.

For example: If you choose to talk about identity you must first explain how identity is defined in our course materials. Then, try to connect the themes in your Field Experience to the concepts discussed in class.

Finally, as you go through your experience, consider the Scale of Intercultural Sensitivity (from Module 1) and reflect on it in relation to your experience. Where do you find yourself on the Scale?

Answer Two Questions

1. What was Allens relationship to the official Methodist Episcopal Church?  Why wouldnt Allen travel with the famous Bishop Asbury? 

2. How long did Bethel stay a part of the Methodist Episcopal Church?  How did Bethelites feel about their schism? (What is a schism?)

Film And Literature Analysis


This term, we have explored sports heroes and themes from sports stories through an understanding of literature and film, while considering how these stories have been shaped by history and culture. This effort has made this an interdisciplinary class. 

For this essay, you are to choose a sports film or piece of literature (poem, story, novel) and analyze it through a particular critical perspective. In other words, how can we better understand a story, if we consider the cultural or historical context of that story?

You must choose a piece that has not been analyzed a great deal in class (Dare to Dream, for instance, is not a good choice). I would hope that you would delve into an aspect of film, literature or theory that interests you the most. You could analyze Million Dollar Baby, as a way to explore gender in traditionally male roles. It is important that you develop a clear focal point, expressed in your thesis statement, and use all the aspects of good essay writing.

The essay must be 4-5 pages, typed, double spaced with sufficient secondary research. I do not require a set number of sources, but to complete a serious analysis, there is an expectation that you conduct research of sufficient reliable sources and present them in the paper. Aim for at least 5 secondary sources. All sources must be formatted in MLA style with proper citations and a Works Cited page. 

The chosen topic is to analyze Million Dollar Baby, as a way to explore gender in traditionally male roles. 

Fixing My Paper

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  • 1, Be sure you’re connecting ideas back to your claim rather than just summarizing
  • 2, Tell the 2 ways you’re reading the text (ex. dialogue, cinematography, lighting, costumes, interactions between characters, etc.)
  • 3, The paper needs to be over the text as a whole and this paper focuses primarily on one scene



For your initial post, you should write two full (5-6 sentences each) paragraphs as described below:

Paragraph 1: As you finish your last module in Modern World Literature, select your favorite story from the readings to discuss in a paragraph for the initial post to the forum. Use your biographical notes from this module, your text, or the Internet to look up facts about your chosen author. Think about the following questions as you make your selection:

  • What is the theme of your story?
  • What was culturally significant about the events and time period of your chosen piece?
  • How did the author use his/her background to craft the characters or setting?
  • How would this story have been different if written from a mainstream cultural perspective?
  • What impact did this story have on your understanding of the authors cultural experiences?

Paragraph 2: In 5-6 sentences, summarize your ideas and experiences with what you have read and watched (the films) in this course. For example:

  • Did you discover a favorite new author?
  • Were you surprised by any of the styles of writing that you read?
  • What film was your favorite? Did you like having films included in the readings?
  • Which style of literature was your favorite and why? (Select from magical realism, modernism, post-modernism, post-colonialism, minority literature, feminist literature, mystery).

You may include commentary on the novel in this section as well as that fits both post-modernism and the mystery genre categories.

I’ve attached my favorite story and author paper.   

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon