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Now that you have completed all of the statistical calculations involved with your analysis of the survey, it is time to put the project together. Your final project submission will be a single document that contains information from all of the previous components along with your written analysis and comments on the survey results.

The format for your final project submission should include the following sections, in this order:

Title Page.
Executive Summary (23 double-spaced pages): This should be a summary of the findings and conclusions of the study you developed and conducted. Discuss each of your six survey questions.
Reflection Statement (12 double-spaced pages): This needs to include what you learned both in the course and in this project. Review the competencies of this course, which are located in the syllabus, as well as the criteria of this project to make sure you are focusing on the correct concepts for your reflections.
Appendix (This includes your supporting data):
Data Collection Plan.
Descriptive Results.
Inferential Statistics.
Table of Data From the Survey Data Generator.
The two sections that are new for this project component are the executive summary and the reflection statement. You may also need to edit your introduction to make it fit the style of a project document. The remaining items should be treated as an appendix. As you write your executive summary, you may wish to refer the reader to particular graphs or results in this supporting data section.

Executive Summary
Write a summary (23 double-spaced pages) of your course project for someone interested in your work. While you did a lot of calculations and quantitative analysis in the project, your executive summary should give the reader a quick summary of your survey intent, design, and results without an overload of numbers and formulas. Discuss each of your six survey questions.

Focus on communicating the results and interpretations of your results. You will not be able to comment on every little finding, so you will have to make some judgments about what might be the most interesting or revealing results.
Discuss inferential statistics and how your survey data can be used to estimate or test population parameters such as the population mean and population proportion.
Write your executive summary professionally and with good writing practices.
Reflection Statement
Write a summary (12 double-spaced pages) of your thoughts on how your view of statistics has changed since you started this course and this project. We have covered a wide range of topics in this course, and many learners quickly forget the formulas they worked so hard to memorize.

While you may not remember the mathematical formulas, what concepts or ideas will you take from this course?
How will those ideas influence or impact your personal or professional life?
After you have written and integrated all of the previously described sections and items, refer to the Statistical Analysis course project description and then submit your project in the assignment area.