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Quantitative Methods for Finance

Write your answer below each question and upload a word doc named LastName_FirstName.doc
Also, upload the work file from Eviews (LastName_FirstName.prg). This work file should have two tabs one for Part 1 and one for Part 2. Excel is not suitable for this project and it will not be accepted.

Poster presentation draft

Poster Presentation draft
you will submit a draft poster presentation of your theoretical research study.

Your final project is based upon the work you’ve done all semester. This project is the culmination of your research question, your literature reviews, your sampling methods, and study design, as well as your questions from your questionnaire. Each weekly assignment adds to your final project. All of that information should be included on the poster.
Restate your research question.
List and include your sampling/methods, questionnaire, and other relevant elements from previous weeks’ assignments.
Choose a professional association with an upcoming conference and determine the requirements for a poster presentation. Here are some examples of associations for which you can review their conference poster presentation requirements:

ID Week

If you have other healthcare associations that you prefer to use, that is fine, too.

For the selected association, determine how well your poster presentation meets their requirements, and discuss this in your Week 8 video presentation.
Create a draft submission for the conference you choose using one of these poster templates:

Poster Template 1
Poster Template 2
Poster Template 3

Be sure that your poster is easily readable and visually appealing with engaging graphical elements such as graphs or figures. It is easiest to create the poster in Powerpoint – as one slide; use one of the templates provided, but feel free to arrange the content as you see fit. The more content you include from your assignments, your text readings, and even the NIH online training course, the better.

Your poster presentation must follow APA formatting and citation.
Your textbook may be used as a reference. The APA format for your text is as follows:
Jacobsen, K. H. (2017). Introduction to health research methods (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
This weeks assignment is a draft submission of your final signature assignment.
Sample Poster 1

Sample Poster 2

My research question is why caffeine is added to some drugs?


select two of the following data analytics areas of applications and how these applications help you as a data analyst or a decision-maker:
marketing analytics
retail analytics
financial analytics
people analytics
IT analytics
business analytics
Internet Analytics
gaming analytics
fraud & risk analytics
logistics analytics

Marketing Research and Empirical Project

Hey Guys. We have to write a report about our findings, we have obtained using the programming software R.
It is a case study about marketing research and empirical project, and we had to conduct a questionnaire, and based on that we had to form constructs and build our hypothesis. We were able to run the data through R and came to conclusions but now we need a written report of our findings so that we can add it into the final paper. Now we need someone who can interpret the data and write a report about the date provided for the final research paper.

The hypotheses to check are:
H0: Building a stronger brand image will not increase brand equity, hence customer loyalty. H1: Building a stronger brand image will increase brand equity, hence customer loyalty.

H0: Building a stronger brand image will not increase brand equity, hence customer loyalty. H1: Building a stronger brand image will increase brand equity, hence customer loyalty.


In this assignment, you will choose a scenario with data from one of 5 options provided at the end
of these directions under Project Topics and you will construct a paper that pulls together the
statistics you have learned in order to answer a question. You will:
1. Introduce the main question, and explain the data that you will use to address it
2. Organize your data by providing appropriate charts, graphs and descriptive statistics
3. Analyze your data by conducting a hypothesis test
4. State your conclusions and recommendations
See the section Outline Of Material To Present below for a more detailed explanation of what you will
submit for each of these foursections.


Using the Lesson 3 Essay Excel Data File, provide a summary report for Valley Realty management including the following information in an essay with a minimum of 500 words:

If A is defined as the event that a home is listed for more than 91 days before being sold, estimate the probability of A.
If B is defined as the event that an initial asking price is under $175,000, estimate the probability of B.
What is the probability of AB?
Assuming that a contract with an initial asking price of less than $175,000 was just signed, what is the probability that it will take the company more than 91 days to sell?
Are events A and B independent? Explain.
Speculate how Valley Realty may use the results of this study to forecast the future timing of home sales and therefore, revenue from commissions on homes sold.

XN Project Essay in Analytics

Assignment – XN Essay
Please read all materials, and based on the project proposal to complete the Essay, all requirements as followed: (Project dataset and Code already attached as file.)
Dataset: custom_audience_ads.csv  lookalike_data.csv
Data instruction: data_dict.docx
Code file: Project Code in R.docx
Requirement: this program and outside, the program learning outcomes, course materials, your personal assumptions and biases to find meaningful connections that helped you form new perspective on how to tackle the topic challenge, as a graduate of this program (add this to the conclusion or introduction).
It consists of sections:
1.    Introduction
2.    Rational
3.    Timetable
4.    Project Risk
5.    Evaluation (Discuss how progress will be evaluated throughout and at the end of the project, State which methods will be used to monitor and evaluate the project)
6.    Analysis
7.    Outputs
8.    Dead ends
9.    Conclusion
Format: 6 pages, APA format (Title, references, format, headers, etc…)


You have been asked to design a short telephone survey to find out the demographic characteristics of people in the catchment of a local community health service, and distinguish between those who actually use the service and those who do not. 
more details in the assessment brief attached and review the example for better understanding.

Advice for future students

Reflect on what you have learned so far in this class, and use your experience to provide some advice to future MATH 105 students.  Please address the following:

How did you initially feel about taking this course?
What did you expect to learn?  Did your experience match your expectations?
What worked well for you in learning the material (text, videos, ALEKS Objective problems, LEO problem sets, discussions, interacting with the instructor, other)?
Is there anything you would have done differently?  Is there anything that you wish someone had told YOU at the beginning of this class?


Each student must post (1) substantial initial post for each with a minimum of 300 words per topic.
Your original post should contain appropriate APA in-citations/references.


Probability is used constantly in our lives.  We rarely actually use numbers in our daily calculations but probability still controls much of our daily interactions. 

Some examples:
1. My wife is always late.  I would estimate that she is late perhaps 95% of the time.  Based on this, I can plan events.  One time I told her that the time we needed to arrive was one hour prior to the correct time.  We arrived about 10 minutes early.  This is a subjective probability where an estimate is based upon past experience.  Although percents and probability are not exactly the same, we tend to use them in the same manner.

2.  When I last went to Vegas, I played the poker machine.  I am not much into gambling so I play the 25 cent play.  I would have to determine the higher probability of winning given certain circumstances.  For example, I might go for all hearts or three of a kind based upon this mental calculation (assuming four hearts of which one is the jack of hearts and the non-heart is a jack of diamonds).  Based upon probability:

P(flush or all hearts) = 9/47  (the dealt card needs to be a heart, 47 cards remaining of which 9 are hearts) = 19.15%

P(three jacks) = 2/47 (the dealt card needs to be a jack, 47 cards remaining of which 2 are jacks) = 4.26%

This is assuming that you get a brand new deck each round of video poker.  Most people choose to go for the three of a kind but the flush has a better chance.

Come up with at least two examples of probability in your life.