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So far I did #4 and #5 in the homework which is attached in Numerical computing Hw#3.pdf file. .Please do #6, 7, and 8 in the file HW3_Optimiztion2-NPR.pdf attached below. In number 6, you are given a hint in the file HW2 Optimization Graphs.docx. I also attached c2_Optimization-NPR(1).pdf which are the class/lecture notes that may assist you in the assignment.


Analysis(1)  Create 3 vectors, one for each of the beach profiles, that were measured and plot all 3 profiles in one subplot. Mark the water line on each profile. Label your graph and include units. a.    What features can be identified in the two beach profiles? Discuss seasonal variances. (2)  Calculate the area of sand under each measured profile segment, find the sum of sand above the initial waterline (foreshore) and past the initial waterline (nearshore) for each profile, and calculate the volume of sand being moved either offshore or onshore in each scenario (units should be a cubic volume).(3)  Calculate the distance of shoreline advancement or recession in each scenario. Discuss discrepancies. (4)  Based on the results of this lab discuss the importance of the various wave parameters and shoreline characteristics and how they play a role in the shorelines that are seen at the beach. a.    How does wave energy affect the profiles of the beach based on the season? (5)  Plot surface displacement versus time. Label figures accordingly.  a.    Find the theoretical wave height from the Sensor data and the period from either the motor frequency or the Wave Sensor. b.    Calculate the theoretical wavelength. c.    Compare these values with measured wave characteristics. (6)  Find the corresponding group celerity for measured and theoretical values of the summer and winter waves. Discuss discrepancies. Extra CreditProve deep water asymptote for factor n is 1 and the shallow water asymptote is 0.5. Show all steps and include justification for any assumptions made. How does this relate to this lab? Include this in Appendix D of lab report.

Undergraduate MATLAB assignment

Please use Live scripts formats(.mlx) to complete the assignment.
Templates are provided.

For the questions in A2 pt.1.png and A2 pt. 2.png, please use analysis2.mlx and secant.mlx to enter the codes.

For the questions in C2 pt 1.png and C2 pt 2.png, please use calculus2.mlx and curve_plot.mlx to enter the codes.

As for questions in L2.png, please just enter the codes in linear2.mlx


The assignments requires two separate scripts via MATLAB. One to produce a figure showing which initial points converge to the same zero, and the other to determine the zero of a function using the modified Newtons method. The requirements for each function are written in the attachments. Please add comments on the code explaining what each part of function does.