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Geometry modelling

I will send the films Watch all films and make all models, save files in SLDPRT and PDF3D format.Make model of  wrench (missing quiz III – attachment).Create models presented in the attachments.Make assembly 1,2,3,4,5.
I request the expert to help me to finish this tasks as soon as possible. If any questions please message or if you need my phone number as well as whatsapp too please ask.

Pump selection and application

Do references in APA form and also include the calculations in that and 2.    Submit the results of your design in a neat and complete report, including a narrative description of the system, the sketches, a list of materials, and the analysis to show that your design meets the specifications.

Vibration of structures

Hello, I need some help with the homework of mechanical vibration of structures.
I send for you an example. The homework starts Friday 6/19/2020 at 3.30 p.m. GMT+2 and it will take two hours. I put also correction of this example.

Thanks in advance for your help..

Design PLC logic

You are designing the PLC logic for a walk-in freezer at a commercial restaurant. Most of the refrigeration equipment is located on the roof (controller, compressor, condenser) and the rest is located inside the freezer (expansion valve, evaporator). A pair of thermostats inside the freezer send a request for cooling signal and a cooling satisfied signal, respectively. When the controller receives the request for cooling, the compressor is turned on. When it receives the cooling satisfied signal, the compressor is turned off.
Freezer evaporators are prone to developing frost buildup on the cooling coils. Ice insulates the evaporator, preventing the rejection of heat into the refrigerant. This causes the freezer to warm up and will trip the thermostat to request cooling, but little can be delivered under this condition. Running the compressor excessively while the evaporator is jammed with insulating ice can also damage the compressor over time as this causes it to ingest liquid. To combat this issue, the controller includes an electromechanical defrost clock that periodically cuts out the compressor circuit. This evaporator is also equipped with electric defrost, which is an electrical heater that should activate for the duration of the defrost cycle.
This fan motors on the condenser should run whenever the compressor is on. The evaporator fan motors should run whenever the compressor is on or when the defrost cycle is activated.
Write a ladder logic program that satisfies these requirements. The ladder diagram can be prepared by hand or with the software of your choice.

wind turbine

Wind energy generation is an increasingly important contribution to the UKs electricity supply, currently supplying 20% of the UKs electricity. Large offshore wind farms are being designed to increase this still further, but there are considerable design challenges associated with these structures. This task focuses on the design of an offshore wind turbine.
A wind turbine has six main components: rotor, blades, shaft, gearbox, electricity generator, and tower. Energy storage is also often required, to make use of spikes in wind power during periods when there is insufficient grid demand.
The materials used in a wind turbine are many and varied but are carefully chosen for their properties, such as mechanical, physical, and chemical, as well as economic. Different materials are used for different parts.
The gearbox assembly is usually the heaviest part of a wind turbine and is housed in the nacelle on top of the wind turbine tower. Even a small 1.5 MW wind turbine nacelle can weigh more than 50,000kg. It challenging to support a 55-tonne box approximately 100 m up in the air in the windiest location.

Professional practice and contribution

This assessment is related to a group project that have been submitted by four students. I have attached the project under the name of “final report assessment 2.” My part on this project was from 2.1 to 2.2.1 which is:
2.1 – Design a photovoltaic solar system to provide a specific energy.
2.2 – SolidWorks design.
Things you need to consider on the contribution:
– Due to COVID-19 we did not have the opportunity to have more than three meetings. 
– We had meeting on the following dates:
@ 4th of march. We met with prof where we discussed  how we will continue working on the project with keeping social destine and we will not be able to meet on the university canvas and build the prototype. So we will make a research and prepare a report for other students to build the prototype in the future.
@19th of march. We meet the prof to re-scoped the project and talked about tech mapping and what the team should be aiming to do during the semester. where I have been assigned to model the design on SolidWorks as well as considering the system will work with solar panels.
@ 21st of April. Only students have attend the meeting. Where we had to catch up on our progress.
Hopefully everything is set in a clear way. if you have any question please let me know.

renewable energy

I have attached the description of that i want it to be done, i have also attached e-book and i want you to use it as your only resource if possible but if you used other resources please include it in the referencing list , There are also some answers of some of the questions in the e-book. please let me know if you are able to finish this work

fuel cell and hybrid vehicles

The topic is fuel cell and hybrid vehicles. The instructor asked me to write a matlab code and simulink for my control lecture as my final report. I am planning to do all literature survey and essay stuff but I only need a running matlab code and simulink model.


For this project, you will practice some of the surface modeling and rendering skills learned in lecture. It is a useful skill to be able to model objects that you find in every day life, so you are tasked with selecting, and modeling one of these objects.

Your model must:

Have reasonable size/form to your selected object by using at least one sketch picture scaled appropriately
Grading will be more lenient on complicated objects (i.e. a car) and more harsh on simple objects (i.e. an eraser)
Incorporate at least one advanced surface modeling element (surface boundary/ filled surface); More features are encouraged
Have accurate colors/textures of your object
Have at least one decal on your object (.png style decals preferred)
At least one camera set up for rendering with a background
Your model does not require:

sketches to be fully constrained
multiple components (i.e. a water bottle and its cap can be one static model, not necessarily an assembly)
To receive full credit, you must upload/submit:

A clear high resolution photo of the object you selected (most smartphone camera’s should work just fine) (10 points)
Your solidworks file (.SLDPRT) that meets all of the above requirements (30 points)
Two different final renders of your object at different views, at a resolution of 1920×1080 (16×9 aspect ratio) in .jpg file formats (10 points)