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Power Point with recorded audio Analyze Affordable Healthcare Act

PLEASE SEND ME A BID There are 3 parts to this project. FIRST 2 BASED ON THE FINAL PROJECT The first 2 parts due February 20th.

Write 2 paragraphs for discussion board about putting the main project together.
1.What challenges you see at this point from information gathering, data development and structural standpoints.  First, preparing the information and data that will go into your presentation and then putting it into the PowerPoint format, recording a discussion that coincides with the slides and getting it ready to submit to the instructor. 

2. Assignment is to input a summary of your current status on the Final Project.  Make it detailed.  Let me know your topic, stakeholder approach, PowerPoint status, and how you feel the project is going thus far.  At this point you have two weeks remaining until your final project is complete so you should have quite a bit to say i this assignment. As you begin working on your Final Project using PowerPoint, write a summary of your experience including challenges, issues, new ideas and successes. This also need to be 2 paragraphs.

3.. The project will focus on analyzing the ACAs impact on healthcare organizations, employers, insurers, or consumers, and considering what a repeal of the ACA could mean for each.  Your responsibility is to choose one of the stakeholder categories as your stakeholder group. Your final project (presentation) should discuss the following:

What specific laws and regulations in the ACA impacted your selected stakeholder?
What were the attitudes of your selected stakeholder in 2010 and what are the attitudes today?
How has the ACA impacted your selected stakeholder over the course of implementation?
If the ACA is repealed, how might your selected stakeholder be impacted?

You should include references from book Landmark The Inside Story of Americas New Health Care Law and other course materials in your final project plus include at least five (5) additional sources such as research articles, issue briefs, news stories, etc.

Presentation format for project:

You will submit a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio. Your presentation should include a reference list on the last slide(s). Your presentation should include title sections and utilize graphics where appropriate. Make the presentation and PowerPoint slides flow well for the understanding of the audience.

GRADING RUBRIC:  Your grade for the final project will be based upon the following:

1. How well you identified your Stakeholder Group’s needs and desires in relation to ACA. 10 points

2. How fully you evaluated and communicated your Stakeholder Group’s attitudes in the current versus 2010 evaluation.  10 points

3. How well you were able to identify the impact ACA has had on your Stakeholder Group. 10 points

4. What impact might repealing of the ACA have on your Stakeholder Group.  20 points

5. Documentation of references. 10 points

6. Preparation of the PowerPoint presentation, structure and flow of presentation and utilization of pictures, charts and graphs.  40 points