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1)    Find a current event that is an example of federalism.

2)    The paper should include:
a.    Summary of the current event.

b.    How is this current event an example of federalism?

c.    Who should have the responsibility for this issue (state control, federal control, shared responsibility)? And why?

d.    What direction does it appear the issue is going (state control, federal control, shared responsibility)?

e.    How does it differ from what the framers intended (dual federalism) when they wrote the tenth amendment?

3) Paper should be 2 3 pages double spaced with appropriate citation of the current event source (APA or MLA).

4) You need to turn in a copy of the current event article with your paper. Paste hyperlink in citation.

5) Remember to staple your paper. Do not e-mail the paper. All papers must be uploaded to the assignment folder in Canvas.