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Research Paper- Utilizing Virtual Reality in Nursing Education

Research Paper in Technology in Education
Students will identify technology which has been adopted or  incorporated into nursing education. Students will investigate the history/origins, financial underwriting, analytics, advantages/disadvantages, marketing ability, security, and application to nursing education.  (Topics can include and would not be limited: social platforms (Portfolium, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) Online Polling Surveys, Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile technology, LMSs, EMRs, community-based Data Information Networks, technology related professional organizations such as HIMSS, or related orgs, Informatics, Online, Education, the list can be endless. You can confirm your topic with your course faculty. 

You will do a 10-12 page (APA formatted inclusive of: cover page, abstract, and reference pages which are not included in page count), APA 6th ed. You will submit your draft to Smarthinking the online tutoring in Week 5, you will then submit the feedback from the Smarthinking Tutor to the week 5 assignment area. 

Week 6 the draft will be submitted to TurnItIn in the designated assignment area. 

The paper will investigate and report will include the following:

Researching the origin
Its purpose and function (audience, content);
Briefly describe how to use it;
The advantages/disadvantages of the technology;
Include  a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles within 5 years at the latest regarding how higher education has used the platform in instruction or marketing;
The privacy and confidentiality issues (what the choices are when setting up account, any disclaimers listed, what the security is, has it ever been hacked);
Statistics regarding usage (as few sources are Google analytics, Pew Internet Research); and
Offer recommendations for future potential use in nursing education.
Alignment with MSN Essentials and course objectives-what are the next steps in nursing practice related to this?
Suggested headings for your paper:

Introduction (Level one heading)

Background (Level one heading)

Purpose (Level one heading)

Using (platform name) (Level one heading)

Advantages of Use for Education (Level two heading)

Disadvantages of Use for Education (Level two heading)

Literature on (platform name) (Level two heading)

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security (Level one heading)

Data Analytics of (platform name) (Level one heading)

Alignment with MSN Essentials and course objectives (Level one heading)

Recommendations for future use in nursing education (Level one heading)

Conclusion (Level one heading)