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personal statement stating why I am interested in the Chiropractic program

My Personal Statement stating why you are interested in Doctor of chiropractic program and what experiences you have had with this profession.

!# I said during my meeting I had back home memory when my mother fell from the stairs and hurt her back, she had been treated with physical therapy rehabilitation at the hospital during recovery, where my mother got  out with pain and after my aunt recommended my mother to go Chiropractor doctor where my mother really got a good treatment and went back on her foot with no pain and started her life normally, which made me think strongly about Chiropractor program because of the great treatment did to my mother. I came to USA and I had an open heart surgery, after this I got into treatment physical therapy rehabilitation treatment, where I did not find  a good recovery from it, so my doctor after I spoke with her to transfer me to a chiropractor doctor and he really treated my pain and I live with no pain since then. But I had a friends who were in the physical therapy program and I was interested to get to this program because they were in it, and then after graduation I went to this path for physical therapy and get the chiropractor as minor because of my friend he is physical therapy doctor and he want me to finish my education and get into this field. But suddenly this friend left this country back to his home because of family crisis. After my graduation I am being applying to the physical therapy program and no response for 2 year just waste money through ptcas or through schools website. And some schools like me to retake some of classes or certain classes. Which really make my life as hard. Until I remember the chiropractic doctor how it really helped me and my mother. So I start my life focused on this program and I will built my life to it I will make all my affect to make this program as my blood and I will make future people know there will be only chiropractic for treatment and tiny for physical therapy.
Basically, physically therapy in my life waste money and time and no treatment happened also pain is there, whereas chiropractic treatment and no pain.