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Equality of Opportunity

Learning Objective: The Declaration of Independence and the idea that equality is the bedrock of a republic are examined. Please recall that the Declaration of Independence was an assigned reading article in Week One.

Option 2: On the Job!

For this assignment, examine and discuss an incident at work in which the (lack of) equality of opportunity was evident. Be sure to define the term equality of opportunity in your assignment. Your assignment can be written in the first person and include anecdotal evidence. While the perspective may be your own, construct a persuasive argument using the assigned course reading materials, including the Declaration of Independence, to support your position. Define and anchor your thoughts within the context of equality of opportunity.

Interview paper

Reflection Assignment Submission – Key Elements
Your reflection submission should be no more than 3 – 5 pages, double-spaced, 1 margins, 11 point
font, and should include the following sections:
Background. State your interviewees name and current title and organization. What is the role
and responsibilities of your interviewee and for how long have they served? How did they arrive
in this position? You should be able to answer these questions by researching them before your
interview. You should include the logistics on when/where you completed your interview and
list any classmates you conducted this interview with.
Your questions and rationale/priorities for the interview. State your interview questions and
intentions for the interview as well as detail on why you are asking the questions youve chosen.
If youre doing this interview as a group, you should agree on a single set of questions.
Interview summary. Summarize key information you learned during your interview and any
wisdom or commentary that you found particularly interesting or insightful.
Reflection. Answer the following questions in your personal reflection on the experience:
1. What did you learn about effective management or the challenges management faces in
the organization from your interview?
2. What did you learn about this executives leadership style? How does that compare to
your leadership style?
3. What was your favorite thing you learned through this experience (about yourself, the
executive, the company, etc.)? What went better during this experience than you

Outside the West: the Non-European World

Imagine that some disaster has overtaken our world and time, and that you are the lucky winner
of a go-back-in-time ticket. You may choose any non-Western society between 1400 and
1800 AD because they have not yet industrialized. Alllllll you need to do is compose an essay of
not more than three pages, double-spaced and typed, answering the following: If you could go
back in time and choose to begin a family in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or the Americas any
time between 1400 and 1800, which would you choose and why? Continue your answer by
comparing your chosen time/place with the others you did NOT choose. You need to convince a
panel of experts that you have carefully researched your choice and that the alternative
places/times would be inferior to your choice. Consider the following: technology, politics,
personal freedoms, citizenship, standard of living, cultural values, security, etc., as you explain

Discussion board 7

Please look over the textbook pages provided and use this material to help answer the prompts

This week’s learning materials is about public controversy, deliberating in good faith, ethos, and credibility. Also about preparing a reasonable argument. Answer the following prompts

–  Think about a current event in which there is public controversy. Have you witnessed what would be defined as deliberation in good faith, ethos, and credibility? Without going into particulars about the public controversy, describe what the person did to deliberate in good faith, ethos and credibility. If you can’t think of an example of a person who has successfully deliberated a public controversy, describe what could be done to successfully deliberate in good faith, ethos, and credibility.

-With the current event in mind, describe what you believe would happen if people effectively deliberated in good faith, ethos, and credibility

-Explain different types of reasoning and which one would be most effective for approaching the current event you have in mind.

Essay Responses: This is your chance to let us know a little more about you and the factors that influenced your decision to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The essay prompts are: Describe a meaningful experience in your life. Reflect on how t

Essay Responses: This is your chance to let us know a little more about you and the factors that influenced your decision to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The essay prompts are:
Describe a meaningful experience in your life. Reflect on how that experience influenced your personal growth, such as your attitudes or perceptions.
Describe a specific experience with a patient during your duties as a volunteer or aide in a physical therapy practice setting that made a notable impression on you and affirmed your desire to pursue a career in this field.
Please describe why you feel the hybrid format of DPT education at USC would provide a successful environment for you to complete the rigorous DPT degree. Include any personal experiences, learning styles or individual preferences that will support your success in the hybrid program.


Find at least one significant factor from each of the PMESII-PT variables for Donovia. For each factor, detail what the conditions in the operational environment are and how they affect military operations. Free of plagiarism.  DESCRIBE (what is asked), EXPLAIN, ELABORATE & PROVIDE examples. Please look over the attached.


Using your professional experience, provide an answer or related insights in 150 words to each of the questions.

Question 1:
Do you agree that Embracing a corporate social responsibility policy, paired with affirmative action, can serve to build, or improve the reputation of a business? Organizations have always needed leaders who are good at recognizing emerging challenges and inspiring organizational responses. 

Question 2:
What constitutes a great leader? What are characteristics you feel a great leader should possess? Can leaders be followers as well?


In an APA-formatted report, research the topic that you have chosen, and answer the following 5 questions:

Explain how the process you have chosen meets the definition of biotechnology.
Describe how the process is performed.
Explain the uses of the application.
Discuss at least 1 benefit, 1 drawback, and 1 risk of the process you have chosen.
Elaborate on an ethical concern of the application you have chosen, for example, if you chose in vitro fertilization you might discuss what to do with leftover embryos.
Use the following guidelines for your report:

Utilize at least 2 credible sources to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite them appropriately within your paper, and list the references in APA format on your Reference page.
In accordance with APA formatting requirements, your paper should include an Abstract, Title, and Reference page; should be double-spaced; and should include a running head and page numbers. Your paper should be 23 pages in length, not counting the Title page, Abstract, and Reference page.

Any topic (writer’s choice)


Describe your background of apologetics as you begin this course. What have been your conceptions of apologetics (both positive and/or negative)? Have you previously studied apologetics? If so, explain the chief motivators for and the benefits of your study. If you have not studied apologetics in the past, how do you think studying it could prove helpful?
Your paper must be 400500 words and include at least 3 scholarly/academic references in addition to Apologetics at the Cross and the Bible. Try to find material that supports what you are saying and/or material that has helped improve (or not improve) your views on apologetics. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document. Essay 1 must use Times New Roman, 12-point font, follow current Turabian format, and be uploaded to Blackboard.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1.

Book Review of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

This assignment is to write a rough draft of your book review of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.  This is not a typical book review; the main body of the review are critical evaluations of controversial issues raised by the author.  The review should consist of 3 sections:

Introduction: one to two paragraphs (250-300 words) stating the thesis (purpose) of the book, a summary of the books main points, and a short background of the author and his qualifications for writing the book.
Critical evaluation section: This section needs to be 3 to 3.5 pages (950-1200 words) long, have critical evaluations of at least 5 controversial points raised by the author in the book and whether or not you agree with him.  Cite at least 3 outside sources to reinforce your argument.
Conclusion: one paragraph wrapping up your thoughts on the book, if you would recommend it, and why.  This section should be 125-150 words in length.
You will also be graded on grammar, language, and organization.  See the rubric for more details.

Your book review should be typed double-spaced using the Arial font at a font size of 11.  The top of the document should have your name, the name of the book, and Rough Draft.  If you cite any sources other than the book, you need to list them at the end of the review.  The review should be submitted in MS Word format (not as a pdf), with this file name: