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Corona virus

The Possible reasons , Prevention and Treatment .
The book should talk about the below point (the writter can skip any point )
1.The introduction of corona Virus .
2.The Similarities between corona vs SARS in term of surrounding environment .
3.Torture the animal to death by beating and electrocution, which leads to the fear of the animal and
consequently to the animal’s body secretion to a chemical substance, which leads to a change in the properties of
the composition of the animal’s body and an increase in toxicity in it .and after that eating it .
4.The animal needs mercy while killing to keep the chemistry of the body healthy .
5.Dogs, monkeys, pigs, eating ants and insects are not allowed to be eaten because they are harmful to human health .
As a result, serious and contagious diseases appeared on humans.
6.Countries must reconsider how to kill animals and their kinds of foods.
7.The mention of the name of God goes the animal fear, so he reassures the victim, when he is slaughtered.
8.Prevention of the disease in the first stage.
9.Not to enter or escape from the affected areas because the nature of the virus is very complicated, as it can remain in the person’s body without harming
his immune power and then attacking other close people with weak immunity .
10.Ablution five times a day in as the Islamic way prevents the spread of the epidemic.
11.Possible treatment may be from plants surrounding the animal .
12.The epidemic appeared the first time in Saudi Arabia in 2012 in camels  and today in China through an animal eating ants or bats or snakes.
13.The Possible treatment may be in Nymphaea caerulea .