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Nursing Informatics

Badge 5: PowToon

PowToon  Instructions

Create your free account in PowToon.

Your topic this week is on integrating informatics. Using the information from the lecture and supplemental reading, use PowToon to create an animation to explain 3 instructional objectives you created based on teaching nurses about the role of informatics nurse. If you need to jog your memory on writing objectives, a resource has been provided to assist. Please make sure you objective have the necessary components of writing S.M.A.R.T. objectives.

Do not use the objectives from the PPT lecture as they are different than the behavioral objectives you are writing for this assignment.

Your animation should include a brief introduction of who you are, what you are doing objectives for (the topic of the role of the informatics nurse), and the 3 objectives. Explain how each objective addresses the criteria for SMART objectives. End with a thank you for viewing.

Submit a Word document with your name, date, topic and link to your presentation (if you are unable to load the presentation directly into the designated assignment link). If you can submit the actual presentation, then just submit that as your assignment. This is due on or before Sun. The powerpoint needs to be inserted into Powtoon. Please see the pp file below. Thank you.