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Part VII Implementation

This activity will be delivered in Week 6. 

Design a 10- to 15-minute activity based on a training program goal and aligned objective(s). Access the Technology Resources Library to select a presentation tool.

Present the activity in a medium of your choice to the class.


imagine that the author of the material assigned is your client and you are the professional offering support during this time. After reviewing the assigned material, you will write an APA-style paper (i.e. double-spaced, 1-inch margins, header, Times New Roman, etc.). Each paper must be a minimum of three pages. Elaborate on the following areas:

    Describe your feelings and personal observations you noticed about yourself as you went through the assigned material. Were these observations similar or different from the client?

    Talk about any personal biases that may affect the counseling relationship. Know that we ALL have biases. If at first glance, you cannot identify a bias that may interfere with working with this client, continue to reflect on areas that might be challenging for you to support the client with and elaborate on this.

    What have you learned about yourself as a human services professional? How might this impact your future professional development?