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Modern Dimensions of Public relations International public relations

Write an essay about International public relations
What does it mean?
Who uses it?
How is it used?
When was it introduced and who initiated it in the modern world?
How effective is public relations in international relations?
examples on real life occasions where international public relations was/is functional.

Use these point as a guideline in addition to other points to be discussed in the content of your essay.

Use minimum 3 references. APA style.
No plagiarism.

Modern Dimensions of Public Relations International Public Relations

Write a short essay about International Public Relations
What does it mean?
When did it start?
How did it effect the relationship between countries?
How did it contribute to the countrys international and domestic status?
What are some international occasions where it was used effectively?

Use these questions as a guide to direct and shape the essay in terms of content and context.
Use references
APA style

Student name: Shahad Ali
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University name: University of Sharjah