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Software Trojan

above given link contain all required file for completion of assignment.
my assignment is I need to work on software Trojan,  my teacher is provided me code already, i need to modify the code and need to compare performance of code without modification and with modification.

problem statement ->if a given instance particular processor  access a memory block then memory block status is marked in shared list –
three situation may arise – memory block may be marked in sharer list as owned,modified,invalidate
during execution number of processor access the memory block and according to that in shared list memory block status change
if at particular instance a processor p1 access block m1, and modified it so status of block should change in shared list ,but i need to insert Trojan in this code, means need to modify the code so changed status of block should not showed in shared list
and calculate the performance of the code with modification and without modification

simulator installation command – cd multi2sim-4.1
sudo make install

after installation for running code – use m2s –x86-sim detailed –x86-config ../x86-config-16.ini –mem-config ../mem-config-16.ini –x86-report report-n-16.txt –mem-report mem-report-n-16.txt fft -p 16 &> stdout-n-16.txt