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No title or topic given. It is a homework assignment (term paper) that should demonstrate that I understood how to analyze data by using the right methods, that I can interpret the results correctly and that I can explain the context of the results, etc.

In your term paper, you should show that you understood how to analyze data by using the right methods, that you can interpret the results correctly, and that you can explain the context of the results for your task and evaluate them.

Data as an EXCEL or SPSS file
Important: It is a statistic homework and not a research paper

1.Introduction (10%)
Make the reader familiar with the topic you choose and explain the purpose of your study.

2.Data (25%)
It should contain at least 5 variables (2 qualitative and 3 quantitative), and describe the business-related application mentioned in the introduction.
You should provide relevant information to:
a. The source
b. Summarize it tabular/graphical
c. Describe it numerical

3.Methods (40%)
You apply at least 4 statistical tests to the selected data.
a. Test a population parameter (mean or proportion)
b. Test if there is a difference in a population parameter between 2 groups (independent samples, dependent samples)
c. Test the interaction between 2 variables (Chi-Square test or simple linear regression)
d.Free choice

4.Results (25%)
Link your results together and write a conclusion and evaluation for your chosen business topic.

If you use data from a database, you should mention the source here. Mention further sources if applicable.

Computer outputs if available.

Parts 1-5 should not exceed 4 and a half pages.

How can I exceed expectations?
–    Bring an example, how this data can be misunderstood, and explain the reader,  where to be cautious!
–    Relate the hypothesis test to the confidence intervals.
–    Explain how the test statistic and significance are calculated.
–    Check carefully the assumptions of the respective method.
–    Report your results in a professional way (i.e. APA style).

Relevant for grading
–    Level of difficulty
–    Correct application of the methods
–    Evaluation of the results
–    Link/transfer to your topic

–    It is a statistic homework and not a research paper.
–    No literature review on your topic is required.
–    Data can be imaginary or secondary data taken from a source.