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Programming Assignment
A financial investment company has hired two new employees, one to handle customers with small accounts (from $0-$50,000) and one to handle big accounts ($1,000,000 and above). You are tasked with creating a software program that reads the main customer file and creates two additional files: one for the new employee with the small accounts and one for the new hire with the big accounts.

Your goal is to create a flowchart and a pseudocode for the above scenario. Review the Grading Rubric to review how your project will be graded.

Please make sure to use the following instructions:
    The customer file name is RioSavings.dat.
    The customer file should consist of three fields: customer ID, customer name, account size.
    The two other files will have your first name for the small account (for example John.dat, and your last name for the big account (for example Smith.dat). Make sure to use your first and last name to identify these accounts throughout your code.
    Use at least two modules in your program.
    Keep things effective and efficient; do not try to account for user wrong input.
    Make sure to use the guidelines from Lesson 9 for file handling.
    Submitting C++ code for this assignment can be tricky, and if you choose, you will need to also submit a made-up RioSavings.dat file.