community collaborative law enforcement

community collaborative law enforcement
Address the following case study in a brief essay of 250-300 words; answering the questions below:

With the large numbers of multicultural groups in your community, your Chief of Police wants to plan ahead for ways to increase police/community relationships, readiness, and effectiveness for collaborative law enforcement efforts. Your chief has asked you to lead a planning group to think through ways to best build police/community relationships and collaborative efforts in areas like homeland security, the war on terrorism, natural disasters, regional crime problems, and multi-jurisdictional law enforcement efforts (e.g., immigration, drug abuse, etc.). You have been assigned the responsibility to set up this planning group as well as to think through some of the key issues involved for the multicultural community, the department, and the local, state, and federal governmental agencies involved. Some of your fellow officers suggest that such efforts should go "high tech," and use the most advanced tools and concepts available. Other officers insist that a good "tried-and-true, old-fashioned" community policing approach would best serve the multicultural communities involved. Still other officers insist that members of the multicultural communities should be asked for their points of view and input before any planning takes place. What are your thoughts and what would you do?
1. What are the facts (observable, verifiable, testable, and confirmable)?
2. What are the assumptions?
3. What are the possible stereotypes?
4. What would be your personal reactions to this situation?
5. What would be the possible multicultural communities’ reactions to this situation?
6. Would someone from the multicultural communities see something different? What would they see differently (if applicable)?
7. What would be your professional reactions to this situation?
8. What actions would you take in this situation?
9. If you had to explain your actions to the multicultural communities, the local, state, and federal governmental agencies involved, and your superiors in front of the news media, what would you say?