Difference in Diction Affects the Tone of Poetry John Milton’s ???When I consider how my light is spent??? and Seamus Heaney’s ???Digging??? are two poems that address the general subject of ???the life of being a writer??? and yet the authors used different dictions thus affecting the mood and tone of their poetry. In these two poems we can generally sense the contrasting vocabulary and style of expression of the two authors giving a sense of distinctiveness of the authors’ differences of articulation and enunciation although both are expressing their insight on a relatively similar subject. By comparing and contrasting these two poems, we can generally say that the use of diction affects the tone of poetry and possibly create new spaces for meaning and interpretation to emerge. It is clear that both of the authors have dedicated their lives to writing as can be seen from the narrative of their lives. John Milton is not only a poet but a philosopher and an influential man in the field of politics while Seamus Heaney was a Nobel prize recipient in literature and is also a playwright and lecturer.