Conflicts are often experienced in organizations how solve conflicts,


Conflicts are often experienced in organizations. To solve conflicts, one should fist intervene in between to find what the conflict is all about. First communication is a very important tool when making changes in an organization. The flow of information from the top management, to lower management and finally to the subordinate should be clear. When changes are made it are the responsibilities of the top management to inform the employees of the same. This will help them adjust their way of doing thins hence cut conflicts There should be no unclear accountabilities in the organization. This should be solved by making sure that every employee in the organization is accountable of their actions. In so doing the employees get their toes on their feet since they know they are answerable of their actions. All the duties and responsibilities of all the employees should be clearly stated. This is important since the employees are able to identify their duties and obligations, they also are able to know what they should do and at what time .the management of the organization should also plan a training session where, all the employees are taught of their new duties and responsibilities. The new process may contain operations that are technical, especially if it uses computers. Some of the employees are computer illiterate and they should first be taught how to operate computers. Canceling is also very important. Employees should be informed of what is expected of them. Example if an employee is expected to process invoices automatically and issue them out, then they should be canceled and advised to be sending them by mail. Another tool to solve conflict is negotiations. Disputes may arise when there is lack of negotiation before mating changes in an organization. After agreeing that there is a necessity of change all member should come to agreement example all the managers of the organization should agree on the same. This would help since the other employees work under instructions of the top management then they can work under one objective.
Generally to cut down the conflicts in an organization all the above key factors should be observed.